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Kevin 747 lands climate panel job August 11, 2010

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Kevin 747 lands climate panel job

Congratulations to former Australian Prime Minister, Kevin “Carbon Bigfoot” Rudd, on landing a job on the United Nations climate change panel.

Now Kevin Rudd can jet around the world, preaching about the dangers of fossil fuels and how climate change is the biggest moral challenge of our time. I hope you will be using a solar powered jet, Kev.

Here in Australia our former Prime Minister is referred to as Kevin 747 and the Prime Tourist. Kevin Rudd spent $100,000 a month on overseas travel in his first six months in office. There are Qantas pilots who rack up fewer air miles!


Former Australian Prime Minister Kevin 747

(Art by Igor Saktor)


1. omanuel - August 12, 2010

These politicians are serious about climate change!

Kevin Rudd will dutifully walk to the bank, to deposit his share of taxpayer’s funds!

With kind regards,
Oliver K. Manuel

2. matt - August 17, 2010

I think even the other side will be making out like bandits disproving the unproved. The ads on the right of my screen are an attest to that.

If for nothing else, those that argue against climate change, should at least thank the other side for creating a topic that is provable, and equally disprovable, only within timescales of decades or possibly centuries. The quest for a Supreme Being could only rival such lucrative lengths of time.

3. OliverA - December 8, 2010

I would ask artist Igor Saktor kindly to upload his keen pic of kevin 747 onto Wikipedia (http://commons.wikipedia.org/) so that it can extend its half-life time substantially and can be integrated in articles. Maybe in the light of most recent WikiLeaks a new version as slantered eyed china bomber. (Nobody talks about thuis one – I look forward to even cheaper lobster). Thanks for your kind consideration.

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