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One More Look at the Coming Cooling July 17, 2010

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One More Look at the Coming Cooling, by Joe Bastardi

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1. Oliver K. Manuel - July 18, 2010

Thanks for the video!

As deceit is exposed by the Climategate scandal, one major science journal, Nature, is changing policies that quietly, behind-the-scenes promoted the illusion of CO2-induced global warming.

Nature seems to have stopped publishing any but mainstream ideas on the Sun’s origin, composition, and source of energy many years ago, shortly after Nature reported an impending paradigm change in “The demise of established dogmas on the formation of the Solar System “, Nature 303 (1983) 286:


A new report in Tallbloke’s Talkshop, “Sun Rediscovered by Nature”:


Says astronomy editor Leslie Sage has lifted a ban on solar papers.

With kind regards,
Oliver K. Manuel
Former NASA Principal
Investigator for Apollo

2. Cold Wind - July 19, 2010

Obviously, the weather is complex–even when it is not being manipulated by artificial means. Various countries are said to possess ‘scalar technologies’ which are used to wreck havoc with the weather. How often are these capabilities employed to prove a principle or covertly attack another nation? In any case, it seems imperative we know the answer to this question so that we might integrate it into our assessment of real climate change. NOAA says 2010 warmest ever. Meanwhile, a whole slew of places are reporting colder than ever temperatures for June and July. Go figure. Does the collapse of the upper atmosphere have anything to do with HAARP or other scalar technologies?

3. William MacDonald dodds - July 25, 2010

i was thinking of turning the Sahara desert into a self irigating oasis that is based on silica melting as opposed to carbon burning:

tide pools are filled at high tide surrounding the entire sahara. this is covered in glass melted by gigantic lenses covering them so the steam is trapped in glass funnels, raised, then trickled deeper into the desert, the sand is melted to make the glass by sunlight in the desert, even those glass planes covering the ground 1 meter above it allows superhot airflow to develop rtapped nder the glass, and can be directed into a sand melting funnel, where the tubes can be made to make he irrigation system from the glass. the entire sahara could be converted into a glass system like this that causes nature-automated travelling of water from the ocean shoreline surronding the sahara to its very center, covering the desert in this and in fact creating a self irrigating oasis. capiche?

4. William MacDonald dodds - July 25, 2010

and ultimately the water is stored in ‘blue houses’, which act as water organs along the water funnel arteries covering the entire desert, and the heat of the sun and gravity allows the steam to be raised and trickled down in order for it to move by the power of nature on a daily basis, which is initiated by the tide.
although apparently australia is hotter than the sahara maybe it would work better there?

hows that for a scalar system.
it would create killer hurricanes in North America though.
This concept copyright (Wlliam MacDonald Dodds)

5. William MacDonald Dodds - December 21, 2011

additionally, since the entire thing is glass in the hot desert sun, air is superheated, and the funnels when leading back towards the shoreline where the water is in high tide pools under glass, go upward in this direction (as they are slanted downwards for trickle down from the upward rising steam. However the superheated air in this case from the desert will rise inside the translucent glass funnels, and create a positive pressure superheated airflow into the tidal pools which are sealed for the most part with glass, only allowing water in on the sides during high tide- the superheated return airflow from the desert into the tidal pools, thereby turning the sea water trapped there into fresh water steam, which would then rise into said upward funnels, then trickle down, further into the glass funnel system of the local sands melted by local solar polar by afore mentioned methods, or solar panelling, or steam energy… this could amount to explosive amounts of evaporation taking place, dependent on the extent of the funnel glass system going into the heated interior…
in this effect the system would feed itself continuously with fresh water, electricity – only salt will need be removed and the infrastructure maintained. But the tide and daily sunlight will allow for much of the system to work properly, especially in the hottest place on Earth, Western Australia.

copyright William MacDonald Dodds 2011 ad infinitum.

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