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When seemingly intelligent people say STUPID things July 12, 2010

Posted by honestclimate in Discussions.
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When seemingly intelligent people say STUPID things

by honestclimate, July 12, 2010

Some of you may remember how at the beginning of the year South Africa applied for a loan from the World Bank to build a coal fired power station. At the time I blogged about it here. Remember that South Africa is fast running out of electricity and coal is the cheapest, most effective form of electricity in Africa.

I was trying to use this example on a work colleague of mine, who is a warmist, to try and get the point across of how the decisions made by people in the West adversely affects the poor. I explained to my colleague how the White house wanted to deny South Africa of a loan to build a coal power plant because of …….global warming.
That’s right bureaucrats from the White house, sitting in their fossil fuelled air conditioned offices, driving around in their fossil fuelled cars, flying around in their fossil fuelled jets wanted to deny South Africa a loan to build a coal fired plant!

I was sure that my colleague would be able to see the sheer madness of it all, but instead my colleague turned to me and said that Africa shouldn’t get funding for a coal plant and that instead the West should fund solar power for Africa.

Now this colleague of mine is no dummy, in fact this colleague of mine has a Science degree. This is a person with a science degree saying Africa should be powered by solar. Has the world gone totally INSANE?

Do these people really think that they will save the polar bears by getting the West to fund solar panels made in China by fossil fuelled factories and exported to South Africa on fossil fuelled ships so that they can put $10,000 solar panels on mud huts??? Are you SERIOUS???

Another pet peeve of mine is when people on the warming side tell me not to listen to the skeptics as they “have no peer reviewed papers and they have vested financial interests” and then in the same breath they tell me about something they learned at an Al Gore presentation.
Are you serious??? Al Gore, who barely passed science at school. Al Gore who has a carbon offset business. Al Gore who is set to become the first carbon billionaire. Al Gore who jets around in his private plane and has a carbon footprint the size of the African continent.  When a stupid person says stupid things, you can understand it, but when seemingly intelligent people say stupid things, you have to wonder, has the world gone totally INSANE???

Thanks for listening to my rant, feel free to add your own experiences, in the comments section below, of people saying stupid things…

Where should we put the $10,000 solar panel?


1. Joan H - July 12, 2010

What gets to me is when people say that the record snowfall in the Northen Hempishere, in the last couple of years, is due to global warming.
Please show me exactly where in the IPCC reports, they refer to increased snowfall as being part of global warming. The IPCC reports specifically state REDUCED snowfall.

2. rogerthesurf - July 12, 2010

Like (I believe it was Goebles) once said, if you have a big lie and repeat it often enough, after a while people will believe it.

Joan, in the Atlantic, when the ice moves south it is a sign of global cooling, in my country of New Zealand, when unusually, icebergs start floating north up the coast from the Antarctic, it is a sign of global warming.
Impeccable logic right?




3. Peter Paulson - July 12, 2010

I’m a member of the ‘Institution of Engineering & Technology’ in the UK. They have fallen completely under the control of global warming alarmist (almost certainly with a large degree of financial self interest due to the bonanza from all the tax-payer funded subsidies for uneconomic ‘renewables’ and micro generation etc).

Anyway – this article in their monthly magazine made my choke on my tea.


It’s about the same South African power plant you discussed – and how they should be using solar instead. But this guy goes further – he suggests the west should aspire to having the weak and unreliable power infrastructure of a third-world country since this might make the weather cooler in 200 years.


4. Clothcap - July 13, 2010

Al is pecking at the leavings of Soros and Strong. Bet the house Strong was the first to make a billion from the scam and Soros followed in close order.

5. Mervyn Sullivan - July 16, 2010

About “When seemingly intelligent people say stupid things” … and here I was thinking I was the only one exposed to this madness. I think the mother of all stupid things is when I hear seemingly intelligent people talking about climate change slowing down as we reduce carbon dioxide emissions!

6. Ashwani - September 8, 2010

I have stumbled upon to your blog for the first time so I have to ask – Are you really still ranting that there is no significant climate change happening, global warming is a myth etc etc despite all the tsunamis & hurricanes, extra cold or hot weather before it’s time & excess or no rainfall in different parts of the world…then I must say you really ARE stupid!!!

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