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Friday Fun: Global Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up, Jun. 25th 2010 June 25, 2010

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Global Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up, Jun. 25th 2010

The Daily Bayonet, June 24, 2010

Al Gore morphs into El Grope and continues his rapid descent into PR hell.  Warmist hippies draw up an enemies list, David Suzuki drops the F bomb in a cafe and a Beatle is concerned with ‘climate warming’.

Part One: Al Gore & Friends

Al Gore is in the news again.  Last week it was revealed that the Goreacle had been porking his movie producer, this week an Inconvenient Tryst is with a masseuse who claims that Al tried to get a happy ending when it wasn’t on the menu.  Accusations are that the green guru turned into El Grope to such an extent that a police report was filed. Tom has salacious bits if you don’t want to read it all.  Tipper is now odds-on favorite to win the top honors at the 2010 Good Timing Awards.

One thing to be grateful for, that El Grope wasn’t around in the 1930‘s.

Al continued to promote the Gore enrichment scheme with an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal.  It’s behind a subscription wall, but the great man excerpted a little for us peons:

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1. justmeint - June 26, 2010

the Goricle is dead……. others have taken over his bandwagon… but they still put the CO2 thing!

Methane being released in the Gulf of Mexico could precipitate Global Warming – very very fast:

In an article on Methane Hydrate Ice you find that: Recent discoveries about the existence of a vast band of Methane Hydrate Ice along the world’s continental Slopes, at approx. 500 meters depth, have revolutionized the theories of the Ice Age and Global Warming Cycles. The accumulation of Methane Ice leads to Ice Ages and the rapid melting and effervescence of this ice and gas leads to an equally rapid Global Warming.


Vast amounts of methane, a greenhouse gas 23-25 times more potent than carbon dioxide, are locked in the deep sea and in the frozen soils of Siberia, Northern Europe, and North America, but warming could trigger rapid thawing that would release billions of tons into the atmosphere.

“The potential consequences of large amounts of methane entering the atmosphere, from thawing permafrost or destabilized ocean hydrates, would lead to abrupt changes in the climate that would likely be irreversible. We must not cross that threshold.

2. drewski - July 1, 2010

Is this what the hoaxers are reduced to? On a global warming website they want to talk about the alleged Al gore incident. Why not talk about the 8 counties in the middle east who have set all-time temperature records in the past week?

3. honestclimate - July 2, 2010

I’d rather talk about the record cold Down Under……mate.

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