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Climate Change may it Rest In Peace by Professor Will Alexander May 23, 2010

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Climate Change may it Rest In Peace by Professor Will Alexander

By Professor Will Alexander
Climate Realists, May 19, 2010

may it

Cause of death

1. Provably false assumption that human activities can influence global climate for which there is no scientifically believable evidence.

2. Provably false assumption that the increases in global temperatures are the cause of climatic changes. Multiyear variations in global climate are driven by variations in the receipt and poleward redistribution of solar energy via the atmospheric and oceanic processes, not temperature variations. This is high school physics.

3. Complete lack of numeracy skills and logical deductions by the climate change adherents.

4. Deliberate manipulation of climate change science to suit political objectives.

In memoriam

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1. Oliver K. Manuel - May 23, 2010

Thank you, Professor Alexander, for speaking out against the corruption of science.

Sadly, the President of the US National Academy of Sciences is still promoting the same misinformation.


Comments from readers indicate that the public is no longer buying!

What a sad state of affairs for the scientific community and the world community.

With kind regards,
Oliver K. Manuel
Emeritus Professor
Nuclear & Space Sciences
Former NASA Principal Investigator for Apollo

2. co2hound - May 24, 2010

What geophysical mechanism took the earth out of its ‘snowball’ phase not once but several times over the course of the earth’s history?

Can’t get any more ‘real’ that that!

Hint: It was not the sun …. the earth at those times was a giant mirror.

3. Bush Bunny - May 24, 2010

However, Stephen Schneider using James Hansen computer models
was screaming the coming ice age in the 1970s. Personally I think this
is correct. We are over due, and warming does precede ice ages.
We’ve had that already during the the Medieval Warm Period.

A mini ice age would have worst effects on civilisation than global warming, and you are not telling me these above mentioned scientists
and Al Gore don’t know that. Particularly for North America, Europe and Asia.

The Southern Hemisphere is not so badly effected. Australia did
have some glaciers in Tasmania, the Snow Mountains, and tree levels
were reduced on elevated lands. Most of our rain forests were reduced too.

I think this globe should prepare and adjust to lower temperatures,
rainfall and sustainability generally. Future generations will thank us
and castigate those AGW who wished to capitalise over a big fat lie,
by men who are a disgrace to the world of science.

4. Kerry wynn - February 6, 2011

I find your work on climate change quite refreshing, however I have some information I would like to share with you regarding the most likely cause of the observed variations in surface temperature we are witnessing on the planet today.

It is quite simple, most of the science behind what I have observed can be found in any higher level Geography textbook, it is the one thing that I think has been overlooked in the whole debate about climate change.

I am looking to arouse interest in further research into what has been staring most scientists in the face for many years but it seems, amazingly enough, to be overlooked as insignificant. However its is certainly an aspect of your research.

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