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Rudd’s “greatest moral challenge of our generation” delayed until 2013 April 27, 2010

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PM delays scheme to cut carbon pollution

SMH, April 27, 2010

The federal opposition says Labor’s thwarted emissions trading scheme has become an inconvenience for Prime Minister Kevin Rudd.

The decision, which will save the government $2.5 billion, flies in the face of Mr Rudd’s commitment to address climate change, an issue he has described as “the greatest moral challenge of our generation”.

“Now it is an inconvenience for him,” opposition climate action spokesman Greg Hunt told ABC Radio.

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1. Bush Bunny - April 27, 2010

Well – what did you expect. Despite the UN IPCC and Carbon Traders
investors also Green energy promoters, the Australian government is following the trend of Germany, France, the UK (although the Conservatives aren’t in power yet?) the US of A, who have finally seen their electorates have woken up to what an ETS or Cap ‘n Trade will effect living standards in developed countries. Just to pay for a falsified data promoted by corrupted data promoted by the Al Gores, Mann, Jones and Pachauri who have been paid millions and indirectly billions to prove AGW. And Carbon trading investments banks like Goldman Sachs, with whom Malcolm Turnbull was an Australian director, are under investigation. Taking advantage of this is the UN IPCC wanting to install a global government to take monies
from developed countries to pay for the undeveloped countries mismanagement of their environments. And political corruptions of cause.

Even the Ukraine is now investigating this Carbon credits same. It seems they have sold millions of dollars worth of carbon permits, and
don’t know where these monies have gone? They are accusing corruption in their government. Also Italy is challenging the same, saying the Mafia are behind Carbon credit scams, ie. Organised crime.

No one had been paid to disprove this. CO2 human emissions does not contribute to climate change nor does it deserve to be taxed.

Skeptics amongst those well known like Lord Monckton, Prof Plimer and Prof Carter have been scorned by the MSM. Or labeled deniers or idiots.

Obviously there are trillion of dollars or Euros invested in Carbon Credits waiting for the ETS or Cap ‘n Trades acts to be legislated.
They are losing value by the minute. However, BBC have invested in
Carbon credits and green energy schemes, and look like losing monies too.

Logically, all Carbon credits does is not lessen Carbon emissions, but
make them more expensive to consumers. Nor does Carbon Dioxide
a natural gas, be it human (about 1% of natural greenhouse gases 95% is water vapor) change climates.

How did this go so far I am asking myself!!!! Rudd is guilty by association with Wong with agreeing and believing with AGW and Carbon emissions taxing cons. Well who will trust them with our welfare after this? There is shades of ‘Peace in Our Time’ the British
PM Chamberlain thinking Hitler was OK? When Churchill was telling
him and the British Nation ‘No Way!”

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