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Lawrence Solomon: The new climate game April 10, 2010

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Lawrence Solomon: The new climate game

By Lawrence Solomon
Financial Post, April 10, 2010

Climate scientists play a good game of whack-a-mole.

Right from the early days of the global warming controversy, they whacked any scientist who dissented from the view that CO2 was warming the planet in a dangerous way. Up popped other skeptical scientists, and WHACK!! Down they went.

Up popped skeptical journalists and WHACK! Down they went, too. Then more whacks for new scientists who surfaced, or pesky scientists who resurfaced.

Today, decades later, the climate science establishment is still whacking away, faster and more frenetically than ever, as more and more skeptical scientists, journalists and politicians surface. And now there’s a new species of skeptic in need of whacking down ­— the many inquiries that have sprung up in the wake of Climategate, the unauthorized release of some 3,000 documents from the computers of the Climatic Research Unit (CRU) at East Anglia University showing that data had been manipulated and destroyed.

East Anglia University was the first to establish an inquiry into its conduct. Then it started a second inquiry to complement the first. The Met Office, the UK government’s meteorological department, announced its inquiry to redo the data that CRU had destroyed, a process that would take it three years. The UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office began an inquiry, to ascertain whether the country’s Freedom of Information Law had been broken. The local police force, working with Scotland Yard, also began an inquiry.

All these would and will need to be whacked, and more would, too. The IPCC itself announced an inquiry. Across the Atlantic, Penn State University, home to Michael Mann, one of America’s most important doomsayers, launched an investigation.

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1. Bush bunny - April 10, 2010

Yes but the Mann and Jones inquiries they have both been exonerated.

You see in the hockey stick debacle, they have ignored the Medieval
Warm Period and Mini Ice Age that ended approximately during
the 1850s. They are trying to prove AGW by the use of fossil fuels are the cause. Met Office in UK are now revising their 160 year prophesy for global warming. Well of course it has warmed since the last mini ice age… but how can they ignore the fact that during the MWP, temps were higher than today? Or that 4 planets in our solar systems are also warming natural from universal forces, that like us on Earth have no way of controlling.

One can’t prove AGW without comparing the MWP and the Mini Ice
Age as following.

Good article.

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