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Six myths about “deniers” March 14, 2010

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Six myths about “deniers”

by Bill DiPuccio
Quadrant Online, March 14, 2010

Global warming “deniers”: myth-conceptions abound

They’ve been compared to “flat earthers” and even “Holocaust deniers”. And, as the recent “Climategate” email scandal reveals, they have been blacklisted in certain professional circles. Scientists who disagree with the current consensus on Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) are dismissed by some colleagues and politicians as ignorant and irrelevant. Though there are certainly cranks out there who lend credence to this stereotype, not everyone who rejects the idea that global warming is a planetary crisis brought about by burning fossil fuels deserves to be vilified.

There are numerous myths surrounding those who are wrongly labeled “deniers”. Most of them can be distilled into six basic accusations:

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1. Oliver K. Manuel - March 14, 2010

I am pleased to deny, and to label as false, ludicrous claims that are inconsistent with both experimental data and observations:

a.) Anthropologic CO2 caused global warming.
b.) Earth’s heat source is a giant ball of Hydrogen.
c.) Hydrogen-fusion is the Sun’s main source of energy.
d.) Solar neutrinos from H-fusion oscillate away before we can detect them.
e.) Fusion, rather than dissociation, is the direction of nuclear evolution that powers the Sun and the cosmos

[H =>He =>C => . . . Fe => Neutron Star] rather than [Neutron Star =(neutron-emission)= Free n =(neutron-decay)=> H]

Decades of space age measurements and the latest nuclear rest mass data from Brookhaven National Laboratory directly falsify these five “group-think” articles of faith.

With kind regards,
Oliver K. Manuel
Emeritus Professor
Nuclear & Space Studies
Former NASA PI for Apollo

2. Bush bunny - March 14, 2010

Well Bill and exceptionally good article. John Quiggs (I may have got it wrong) is talking on his blog… I gave him and some a strong message.

CO2 doesn’t drive the climate so why tax it…? (It’s not but is a Greenhouse gas that with cloud cover keeps the planet warmer and cooler depending on location and season). Who would you believe
someone paid millions to prove AGW is right, or a proper scientist
who isn’t being paid to say it is wrong? Surely people aren’t that dumb. I mean climate variations is 12th year and 1st year uni stuff.

Anyway I haven’t been black listed yet?

3. Bush bunny - March 14, 2010

And he didn’t answer but to say, bush bunny was typical of those on the other side (of where I wonder?) and there is no point in debating with here? OK Prof John Quiggins, you don’t like IPA, Quadrant or the Australian, because quote ‘All though I believe in being able to express opinion, the likes of (the above) I place in the same category as creationists and moon landing conspiracies..! Who is this guy?

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