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Climategate has killed cap-and-trade March 5, 2010

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Climategate has killed cap-and-trade

By Hoppy Kercheval
Charleston Daily Mail, March 5, 2010

THE Washington power play to pass cap-and-trade legislation is deflating like a punctured balloon, but all the air is not out of it yet.

According to Reuters, Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., a climate legislation supporter, told environmental leaders in a private meeting last week that “cap-and-trade is dead.” Graham has been working with John Kerry, D-Mass., and Joe Lieberman, I-Conn., for months to get a cap-and-trade bill through the Senate.

The House of Representatives approved a climate bill last June.

But in recent months, climate fears have dissipated. Americans are much more worried about the economy – and less convinced that man’s activities are causing a global meltdown.

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