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“Obviously the models they use are not worth a cup full of warm spit” March 2, 2010

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Huge BoM rain and temperature prediction failures

by Warwick Hughes
Warwick Hughes blog, March 1, 2010

This Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) prediction for summer made on 24 November 2009 has turned out to be so exactly wrong in several aspects. You can see in the BoM Outlook archive It is not only the 24 November prediction that is so wrong – check out their maps of predicted rain percentages published on 21 December, 19 January and there is no learning going on. Check actual rain here, choose 3 months to see summer rain.
BoM failure

The temperature Outlook for summer was just as hopeless but I have not got the time to put all these maps up – you can check against maps you can make here – make maps for 3 months for max and min anomaly, they compare with the BoM max and min temperature prediction maps for summer.
I am at a loss to understand how a well funded org of professionals can repeatedly get these Outlooks so wrong.
Obviously the models they use are not worth a cup full of warm spit.
Australia pays for better and deserves better.

Fore more by Warwick Hughes, click here


1. Bush bunny - March 2, 2010

On the Northern Tablelands NSW) we expected a worst winter than we got.(2009) In fact it was quite a milder winter than we normally get. We feel as temps now plummet in Autumn that this winter will be worse than before.

The decidious trees don’t seem to reflect this, some are going a bit yellow etc. nothing abnormal.

We need rain for pasture growth. And winter crops seeding.

As the Northern hemisphere is experiencing really abnormal weather
we could also experience this in lowered winter temps.

Don’t worry if we are entering an other mini ice age, the southern
hemisphere will survive better. It’s the northern hemisphere that won’t as all the monies and CCT’s etc are coming from there,
they won’t want to know that AGW is a myth, and a mini ice age
is on the way. And no ETS or Cap in Trade legislations will be established and their shares etc will plummet. Blight on them who started this scare of AGW Now God will really use his strength. Only
joking LOL Should say Mother Nature will. Humans prepose – Mother Nature disposes!

2. Bre - January 15, 2012

Great information about climate change models. We are teaching about weather systems in our classroom this year and this information will come in handy.

An interesting graphic just came through my school feed that I thought you might like that talks about fun tornadoes facts.


Bre M.
Wake County School Teacher

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