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New study: could the sun have warmed the world? February 10, 2010

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New study: could the sun have warmed the world?

Andrew Bolt
Herald Sun, February 10, 2010

Yet another paper questioning the theory that man is behind the warming of the earth over the past half-century:

The notion that scientists understand how changes in Earth’s orbit affect climate well enough for estimating long-term natural climate trends that underlie any anthropogenic climate change is challenged by findings just published.

The new research was conducted by a team led by Professor Eelco Rohling of the University of Southampton’s School of Ocean and Earth Science hosted at the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton…

According to the ‘anthropogenic hypothesis’, long-term climate impacts of man’s deforestation activities and early methane and carbon dioxide emissions have artificially held us in warm interglacial conditions, which have persisted since the end of the Pleistocene, about 11,400 years ago….

The researchers found that the current interglacial has indeed lasted some 2.0-2.5 millennia longer than predicted by the currently dominant theory for the way in which orbital changes control the ice-age cycles. This theory is based on the intensity of solar radiation reaching the Earth at latitude 65 degrees North on 21 June, the northern hemisphere Summer solstice.

But the anomaly vanished when the researchers considered a rival theory, which looks at the amount of solar energy reaching the Earth the same latitude during the summer months. Under this theory, sea levels could remain high for another two thousand years or so, even without greenhouse warming.

“Future research should more precisely narrow down the influence of orbital changes on climate,” said Rohling: “… And that is essential for a better understanding of any potential long-term impacts on climate due to man’s activities.”

Why is Rohling’s research interesting? Because the IPCC’s argument that man’s gases have caused most of the post-war warming is based not on proof that those gases did indeed do that, but on an inability to think of any other cause. Rohling suggests he may just have found that alternative explanation, or part of it.

And, he adds, our long-tern future looks chilly.


Pachauri’s voodoo science February 9, 2010

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Pachauri’s voodoo science

by John Izzard
Quadrant Online, February 8, 2010

They say that 24 hours is a long time in politics, well 7 days has certainly been a long time for the dedicated members of the World Climate Change Club. There is a “change” in the air and it sure as heck isn’t the climate.

There they were — the WCCC members — sitting on fabulous, unassailable scientific arguments like disappearing glaciers in the Himalayas; the snow, melting ice-cream-like atop Mt Kilimanjaro; rain-forests shrivelling in the Amazon, visions of Venice, only viewable via an aqualung and goggles and the poor old Great Barrier Reef turning into a barbecue-burnt-chop when suddenly their cosy little world changed. It was one of those rare moments you remember — like the day man landed on the moon.

It was as though a sort of “we-are-on-to-you.com” email hit their modelling computers. Suddenly the world changed and “chief scientists” around the world began emerging from their hibernation and started to say very chief-scientisty, re-assuring things. In the UK last week, their Chief Scientist John Bennington suddenly announced that climate sceptics “should not been dismissed”. He was immediately followed by Australia’s chief scientist Penny D. Sackett, who with an absolute straight face came out of nowhere to call for, yep, “an urgent need for more honest disclosure of the uncertainty of predictions about the rate of climate change.”

With the post-Copenhagen month of January to mull over things, and some well needed investigative journalism in the UK (but not here), there has been a climate change of sorts.

Well, even those of us with an un-sceptical bent could catch the whiff of a PR campaign getting under way. Why the sudden concern? Why the sudden change of heart? Is this a Toyota moment? Are the brakes faulty? Is this a climate-change-re-call?

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The IPCC scandals: yet another coverup February 7, 2010

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The IPCC scandals: yet another coverup

By Andrew Bolt
Herald Sun, February 08, 2010

Can the IPCC’s 2007 stink any higher?

The Meteorological Office is blocking public scrutiny of the central role played by its top climate scientist in a highly controversial report by the beleaguered United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

Professor John Mitchell, the Met Office’s Director of Climate Science, shared responsibility for the most worrying headline in the 2007 Nobel Prize-winning IPCC report – that the Earth is now hotter than at any time in the past 1,300 years.

And he approved the inclusion in the report of the famous ‘hockey stick’ graph, showing centuries of level or declining temperatures until a steep 20th Century rise.

By the time the 2007 report was being written, the graph had been heavily criticised by climate sceptics who had shown it minimised the ‘medieval warm period’ around 1000AD, when the Vikings established farming settlements in Greenland… Early drafts of the report were fiercely contested by official IPCC reviewers, who cited other scientific papers stating that the 1,300-year claim and the graph were inaccurate.

But the final version, approved by Prof Mitchell, the relevant chapter’s review editor, swept aside these concerns.

Now, the Met Office is refusing to disclose Prof Mitchell’s working papers and correspondence with his IPCC colleagues in response to requests filed under the Freedom of Information Act. The block has been endorsed in writing by Defence Secretary Bob Ainsworth – whose department has responsibility for the Met Office.

They falsely claim it’s never been hotter – but won’t let you check their reasoning why. They demand we change the entire way we run the economy – but refuse to divulge how they came to that conclusion.

And this is the document on which Kevin Rudd relies most for his great green tax on everything.

Climate sceptic Lord Monckton gets a rock star reception February 6, 2010

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Climate sceptic Lord Monckton gets a rock star reception

The Noosa Journal, 6 February 2010

NOOSA: The man described by Prime Minister Kevin Rudd as being “part of a worldwide conspiracy of sceptics’’ received a rock star welcome when he arrived in Noosa on Saturday.

Hundreds of people queued around the building to hear Lord Christopher Monckton speak on global warming at The J in Noosa Junction.

Fears the controversial aristocrat would receive an aggressive reception went unfounded as the crowd cheered and clapped.

Despite extra space being made available at The J, around 100 people were turned away. But so thrilled was Lord Monckton with his welcome that he delivered an impromptu 15 minute speech in the carpark for those who missed out.

Lord Monckton told The Noosa Journal he was in Australia to deliver the truth on global warming and to exercise his right of reply to Mr Rudd’s “imprudent 45-minute rant’’.

Praising Noosa residents Case Smit and John Smeed for organising the visit, Lord Monckton said that “evil only triumphs when good men do nothing and these were two men who were not prepared to do nothing’’.

Lord Monckton told the audience he was here to tell the truth, as he saw it, and prove global warming was a myth invented by governments to control the population and make money.

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IPCC: International Pack of Climate Crooks February 5, 2010

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IPCC: International Pack of Climate Crooks

By Marc Sheppard
American Thinker, February 04, 2010

Unquestionably the world’s final authority on the subject, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s findings and recommendations have formed the bedrock of literally every climate-related initiative worldwide for more than a decade. Likewise, virtually all such future endeavors — be they Kyoto II, domestic cap-and-tax, or EPA carbon regulation, would inexorably be built upon the credibility of the same U.N. panel’s “expert” counsel. But a glut of ongoing recent discoveries of systemic fraud has rocked that foundation, and the entire man-made global warming house of cards is now teetering on the verge of complete collapse.

Simply stated, we’ve been swindled. We’ve been set up as marks by a gang of opportunistic hucksters who have exploited the naïvely altruistic intentions of the environmental movement in an effort to control international energy consumption while redistributing global wealth and (in many cases) greedily lining their own pockets in the process.

Perhaps now, more people will finally understand what many have known for years: Man-made climate change was never really a problem — but rather, a solution.

For just as the science of the IPCC has been exposed as fraudulent, so have its apparent motives. The true ones became strikingly evident when the negotiating text for the “last chance to save the planet” International Climate Accord [PDF], put forth in Copenhagen in December, was found to contain as many paragraphs outlining the payment of “climate debt” reparations by Western nations under the watchful eye of a U.N.-controlled global government as it did emission reduction schemes

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Robbing the poorest to pay for climate change February 3, 2010

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Robbing the poorest to pay for climate change

By Thomas Fuller
Examiner.com, February 2, 2010

When evil happens what can or should normal citizens do? Can we march? Take to the streets? Call a general strike? This story makes me sick to the stomach and weak at the knees.

Rich countries are raiding their aid budgets to bankroll a new global fund to help poor countries adapt to climate change, one of the world’s leading development campaign groups warned today.

Jamie Drummond, executive director of the One group co-founded by the rock stars Bono and Bob Geldof, said the west was being “dishonest” about the $30bn (£18bn) of fast-track finance proposed in Copenhagen last month to persuade developing countries to agree a deal on cutting greenhouse gas emissions.

Drummond said the proposal to spend $10bn a year over the next three years involved no additional money, but was instead being diverted from existing budgets. The impact, he said, would be to divert funds from health and education spending in Africa to infrastructure projects in Asia and Latin America.”

We do not know enough about the extent and impact of climate change to kill poor people to reduce temperatures by a tenth of a degree by the end of the century. This is criminal. It is evil.

If these people manage to survive, their grandchildren will be richer than we are today (according to the IPCC’s conservative estimates) and will be able to pay for mitigation as it is needed. If these people die today, our grandchildren will ask us why we killed them.

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BREAKING NEWS: NIWA reveals NZ original climate data missing February 2, 2010

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BREAKING NEWS: NIWA reveals NZ original climate data missing

TBR.cc, February 1, 2010

From the “A goat ate my homework” excuse book:

More major embarrassment for New Zealand’s ‘leading’ climate research unit NIWA tonight, with admissions that it “does not hold copies” of the original reports documenting adjustments to New Zealand’s weather stations.

The drama hit the headlines worldwide in late November when serious questions were raised about the “adjustments” NIWA had made to weather records. The adjusted data shows a strong warming trend over the past century, whereas unadjusted records had nowhere near as much warming.

NIWA promised to make its data and corrections fully available, but responding to an Official Information Act request their legal counsel has now admitted it cannot provide copies of the original adjustment records.

Now, a news release from the Climate Science Coalition is blowing the NIWA climate scientists out of the water.

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