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By Ed Price
The Daily Express, February 15,2010

THERE has been no global warming for 15 years, a key scientist admitted yesterday in a major U-turn.

Professor Phil Jones, who is at the centre of the “Climategate” affair, conceded that there has been no “statistically significant” rise in temperatures since 1995.

The admission comes as new research casts serious doubt on temperature records collected around the world and used to support the global warming theory.

Researchers said yesterday that warming recorded by weather stations was often caused by local factors rather than global change.

The revelations will be seized upon by sceptics as fresh evidence that the science of global warming is flawed and climate change is not man-made.

The Daily Express has led the way in exposing flaws in the arguments supporting global warming.

Last month we revealed how the UN’s International Panel on Climate Change was forced to admit its key claim that Himalayan glaciers would melt by 2035 was “speculation” lifted from a 1999 magazine article. The influential IPCC then admitted it had got the key claim wrong and announced a review.

The Daily Express has also published a dossier listing 100 reasons why global warming was part of a natural cycle and not man-made.

Yesterday it emerged that Professor Jones, whose raw data is crucial to the theory of climate change, had admitted he has trouble “keeping track” of the information.

Colleagues have expressed concern that the reason he has refused Freedom of Information requests for the data is that he has lost some of the crucial papers.

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1. david Anderson - February 15, 2010

Can you imagine sitting around the table during the holidays and have to listen to AL Gore? The lies you would have to endure would be excruciating. I was never into politics until I realized how corrupt and greedy it has become. What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and yet lose your soul? Everything that our forfathers fought and died for are in the hands of such people. The scientist lost their data? Are we suppose to say “yah ok that could happen”! It took an act of God to hold these deceivers back because the media they own and use for propaganda and their own agenda. Growing up I always wanted to be rich and have a powerful position and when I watch people like Al Gore and how he can use his wealth and position to promote a Lie to Millions and millions of people with out even blinking. If that what greed and power does im all set.

2. Bush Bunny - February 16, 2010

Yes David and also the people who have honestly believing that AGW
was a reason to invest monies into Carbon Credits Trading Investments on this belief, and without ETS being legislated, they face a loss in investments… this I believe and I have written to my local MPs, Federal and State (in Australia) that anyone with CCT investments has pecuniary interests and should not vote FOR any ETS legislation.

Malcolm Turnbull is one who as an executive of Goldman Sachs Australia and believed to personally have invested in CCT investments, announced he’d be crossing the floor to vote for the present governments ETS bill. Prior to this he announced that he wouldn’t lead a party (The Liberal and coalition party with the Nationals) who didn’t support the ALP Governments ETS and CPRS agenda and bill?) He lost to Tony Abbott, who is still pussing around
with this climate change saga. So are some politicians including my
own Federal representative…

Well it spelled the end for the investors who had believed invested millions possibly billions into these investments should any ETS legislation globally be engaged.

I advise anyone interested to snap onto http://www.cecaust.com.au and read ‘Goldman Sachs’ Turnbull dances to British carbon trading tune..’ dated 28th October 2009 … this is a motivation for anyone who has invested in Carbon Credit Trading schemes who now face a loss in value of their investments..should ETS legislations NOT be legislated. And that the Copenhagen fiasco, has been proven that. It was driven by political activists on both sides of the argument, that proved the people most to be disadvantaged are you and I? This includes people who have bought into Solar and now risk losing rebates offered by the Australian government. There value has deminished by millions of dollars. They did it in good faith initially and now have been conned by this AGW, Climate Gate scam.

Welcome to the New World folks, if a new ice age starts, we in
Australia will be better off than in the Northern Hemisphere, where the bigger concentrations of the global population exists.

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