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Pachauri’s voodoo science February 9, 2010

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Pachauri’s voodoo science

by John Izzard
Quadrant Online, February 8, 2010

They say that 24 hours is a long time in politics, well 7 days has certainly been a long time for the dedicated members of the World Climate Change Club. There is a “change” in the air and it sure as heck isn’t the climate.

There they were — the WCCC members — sitting on fabulous, unassailable scientific arguments like disappearing glaciers in the Himalayas; the snow, melting ice-cream-like atop Mt Kilimanjaro; rain-forests shrivelling in the Amazon, visions of Venice, only viewable via an aqualung and goggles and the poor old Great Barrier Reef turning into a barbecue-burnt-chop when suddenly their cosy little world changed. It was one of those rare moments you remember — like the day man landed on the moon.

It was as though a sort of “we-are-on-to-you.com” email hit their modelling computers. Suddenly the world changed and “chief scientists” around the world began emerging from their hibernation and started to say very chief-scientisty, re-assuring things. In the UK last week, their Chief Scientist John Bennington suddenly announced that climate sceptics “should not been dismissed”. He was immediately followed by Australia’s chief scientist Penny D. Sackett, who with an absolute straight face came out of nowhere to call for, yep, “an urgent need for more honest disclosure of the uncertainty of predictions about the rate of climate change.”

With the post-Copenhagen month of January to mull over things, and some well needed investigative journalism in the UK (but not here), there has been a climate change of sorts.

Well, even those of us with an un-sceptical bent could catch the whiff of a PR campaign getting under way. Why the sudden concern? Why the sudden change of heart? Is this a Toyota moment? Are the brakes faulty? Is this a climate-change-re-call?

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1. Bush bunny - February 14, 2010

It’s all crap, so what do you need me to comment on?

I mean this AGW and UN IPCC solutions, all to make money out
of developed countries, who are not contributing to climate change
one bit! It’s a hoax of the worst kind like the millennian bug investments who lost heaps of money because of it. Same as the
CCT investments… we have been conned or some of us have, and billions of money is going down the gurgler should no ETS legislations
be passed.

Climate Change and AGW – It is driven by investors in Carbon credit trading and they are now facing bankcruptcy. They made the wrong decisions to back the Al Gore and et al, now they are being proven wrong scientifically, sensible governments aren’t able to support them. Another South Sea Bubble or Climate Change bubble.

Bad luck investors.

2. Ed Darrell - February 25, 2010

Unusual, though — with all the complaints, very little data to suggest any problem. Very few publications in serious journals to support any idea that warming isn’t continuing with a fury, speeded by human-caused emissions.

If hypotheses about global warming are in trouble, it’s not because of any science that dispels the idea.

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