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Climate sceptic Lord Monckton gets a rock star reception February 6, 2010

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Climate sceptic Lord Monckton gets a rock star reception

The Noosa Journal, 6 February 2010

NOOSA: The man described by Prime Minister Kevin Rudd as being “part of a worldwide conspiracy of sceptics’’ received a rock star welcome when he arrived in Noosa on Saturday.

Hundreds of people queued around the building to hear Lord Christopher Monckton speak on global warming at The J in Noosa Junction.

Fears the controversial aristocrat would receive an aggressive reception went unfounded as the crowd cheered and clapped.

Despite extra space being made available at The J, around 100 people were turned away. But so thrilled was Lord Monckton with his welcome that he delivered an impromptu 15 minute speech in the carpark for those who missed out.

Lord Monckton told The Noosa Journal he was in Australia to deliver the truth on global warming and to exercise his right of reply to Mr Rudd’s “imprudent 45-minute rant’’.

Praising Noosa residents Case Smit and John Smeed for organising the visit, Lord Monckton said that “evil only triumphs when good men do nothing and these were two men who were not prepared to do nothing’’.

Lord Monckton told the audience he was here to tell the truth, as he saw it, and prove global warming was a myth invented by governments to control the population and make money.

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1. Jonathan Stuart-Brown - February 7, 2010

Sunday Express in UK reporting that BBC Pension is invested heavily in carbon trading companies leading to bias in news coverage promoting belief in global warming

2. Bush bunny - February 7, 2010

If that is the case Jonathan, they are in for a shock, the shares have dropped so far, you can suggest they have lost their monies. I read this on a blog, how can we find out what the shares are in this? Anyone

3. Bush bunny - February 7, 2010

My worst fears – Lloyds warned about Carbon Credits scam and how
people could lose upto 90% of their investment. Google ‘Carbon Credits
crash’ And article by Goldstein in the Toronto Star. Not sure I’ll check
again, I don’t know how to put the website on a blog?

I’ll try.

4. Bush bunny - February 7, 2010

I’ve seen something else in the Indian times noticed the decline in
2009. But the Article I am referred too, is carbon credit scam by
Goldstein, of the Toronto Sun. January this year. No wonder India
was keen to keep up the ETS taxes?

5. Daniel Fierro - February 7, 2010

He has saved Australian from certain fascist tyranny of the Fabian Socialist Kevin Rude Regime. He has woken up Australians, freed up media people and journo’s who were stuck reporting following the Extreme Left Line. He has give the majority of us who are rational straight shooting Australians a voice, in the Murdoch-Huxley-Nazi enspired propaganda world we live in.

Check out this good article on Moncktons tour in Australia

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