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BREAKING NEWS: NIWA reveals NZ original climate data missing February 2, 2010

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BREAKING NEWS: NIWA reveals NZ original climate data missing

TBR.cc, February 1, 2010

From the “A goat ate my homework” excuse book:

More major embarrassment for New Zealand’s ‘leading’ climate research unit NIWA tonight, with admissions that it “does not hold copies” of the original reports documenting adjustments to New Zealand’s weather stations.

The drama hit the headlines worldwide in late November when serious questions were raised about the “adjustments” NIWA had made to weather records. The adjusted data shows a strong warming trend over the past century, whereas unadjusted records had nowhere near as much warming.

NIWA promised to make its data and corrections fully available, but responding to an Official Information Act request their legal counsel has now admitted it cannot provide copies of the original adjustment records.

Now, a news release from the Climate Science Coalition is blowing the NIWA climate scientists out of the water.

Read the rest here


1. Bush bunny - February 2, 2010

Lord Christopher Monckton mentioned this in his talks? Haven’t checked up on Tony Abbott’s RTS talks. But President Barack Obama and his
wife and gals are visiting Australia next month. That should be interesting considering in his Address to the Union in the Senate was
still saying Clean Energy Bill must proceed to keep USA in the forefront
and not get behind China and Europe. He mentioned nuclear, and off
shore oil and gas drilling. No mention of wind generators, why would
he they are all made in Europe mainly Denmark. And a little mention
of employing people in the manufacture of solar panels…I think the UN IPCC scam has really damaged itself through its lies and ideas for
a global government to control what taxes and fines countries should pay to undeveloped countries. When some third world countries don’t have an electricity supply.

2. TheSkyIsFalling - February 2, 2010

Wonderful news! Priceless. Congratulations to NZ skeptics for their hard work exposing NIWA.

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