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Climate sceptic warmly received during debate January 29, 2010

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Climate sceptic warmly received during debate

By Bruce McMahon
Courier Mail, January 30, 2010

LORD Christopher Monckton, imperious and articulate, won yesterday’s climate change debate in straight sets.

Forget facts and fictions, numbers and statistics, this British high priest of climate change sceptics is a polished performer, even against the most committed of scientists.

Aided by Adelaide’s Professor Ian Plimer, Lord Monckton cruised to victory before a partisan crowd of suits and ties, movers and shakers.

Read the rest and watch the debate here


1. Moira Egan - January 29, 2010

Throwing out the flea with the bathwater? The flea to which the IPCC defender refers in the debate is the teeny-tiny IPCC mention that global warming is melting the Himalayan glaciers. I’d say that even teeny-tinier is the IPCC objection to world-wide alarmist reports of the melting. Isn’t that a teeny-tiny bit dishonest?

2. Bush bunny - January 30, 2010

Has anyone informed PM Rudd, Senator Wong and Mr Tony Abbot?
They are still determined to pass the ETS amended Bill? Give Mr Tony
Abbott his due, he reckons his bill will not have any taxes involved.

What about moving on gentlemen and Ms Penny, to creating a sustainable path to a more environmentally secure way of life.

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