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Welcome Down Under Lord Monckton January 26, 2010

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Welcome Down Under Lord Monckton

Channel Ten interview, click for video

We at An Honest Climate Debate would like to welcome the knowledgeable and articulate Lord Monckton to Australia.

Lord Christopher Monckton has arrived in Australia to discuss the man made global warming theory. Professor Ian Plimer, authour of the bestselling book Heaven and Earth, will be accompanying Lord Monckton on his whirlwind Australian tour. For details on Lord Monckton and Ian Plimer’s tour dates and venues please see Jo Nova’s website here

He has already been on Australian tv and radio interviews this week. I especially enjoyed the interview on Channel 10. Here are a couple of snippets from the interview

…the point is let’s have a discussion on this. I will not be saying believe me. I will simply say here are the facts, study them for yourselves. Any fact you want to call me out on and say where did you get that from, I will tell you and you can go look it up for yourself..

…so you can make up your own mind, do not believe either side until you’ve thought it out for yourselves..

How refreshing it is to hear the above from Lord Monckton. How different it is from the likes of Al Gore, who refuse to debate and who are so quick with their ad hom attacks. No wonder the public are losing faith in the man made global warming scare.


1. Jack - January 26, 2010

Here, here to Lord Monckton. Truth is all we want!

2. Rodney - January 26, 2010

Thanks for posting this.
AGW is falling apart.

3. Brian H - January 27, 2010

That’s “hear, hear”. And I agree.

Here’s some truth: by geo-historical standards, Earth is in a deep CO2 famine. We would benefit greatly (agriculture, etc.) from getting back to about 2,000 ppm. There would be no warming.

The real control on temperature is called a “Heat Pipe”. Evaporating water cools the surface, and at the top of condensing clouds dumps its heat; much of it goes directly out into space as H2O-band IR radiation (which is wider and stronger and different from CO2’s band). It is unblocked because there is no H2O in the upper atmosphere; it’s all in the clouds, and below.

So CO2 can NEVER warm the surface. There is this huge, powerful water-heat pump getting rid of it. (Venus lacks water, by the way, which is why it stays hot.)

So if we could increase CO2, it would be great. Unfortunately, our input is far too puny to achieve that even if we went flat-out to try.

4. Richard Lock - April 11, 2010

What a load of rubbish. Lord Monckton is no scientist. And as for Venus its atmosphere represents a runaway greenhouse effect. 96% of the composition of the atmosphere is carbon dioxide, 3.5% is nitrogen. The remaining is sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, and hydrofluoric acid. Spacecraft that have reached the surface have found temperatures of 470C (878F). These harsh conditions are mostly due to Venus being 30% closer to the Sun. Venus receives twice as much solar heating however. This apparently never allowed water to condense and therefore to form oceans. Without oceans there was no effective way to absorb carbon dioxide.

A vid about Lord Monckton and his science

5. Brian H - April 13, 2010

‘orse pucky.

Venus varies 1°C day to night-side. With each being 58 E-Days long! About 3% of solar radiation gets past the cloud-tops. So there is almost ZERO solar heat trapped by re-radiation from the surface of heat incoming from the Sun. Which is the definition of GH effect, capisce?

Further, V. radiates 10-20% MORE than it intercepts total from the sun; it therefore, by definition again, therefore has a potent INTERNAL unknown heat source.

Venus actually intercepts slightly less solar radiation than Earth due to its smaller diameter.

Venus’ surface temps have nothing whatsoever to do with GH warming.

6. Brian H - April 13, 2010

Ad hominem argumentation is a fallacy. The lead-in to your vid. made it clear that’s what it was. Not interested. Have anything that actually is content-rich?

7. Rob Gordon - May 5, 2010

Lord Monckton won’t be giving you an honest debate. He isn’t even a climate scientist and has no scientific credentials.

8. Jo Jo - May 8, 2010

For an honest debate rather refer to the world’s top “climate scientist”, none other than railway engineer Rajendra Pachuri, head of the IPCC.

9. Andrew T - August 27, 2010

In response to Richard Lock’s – April 11, 2010
response I would suggest that the runaway heat scenario that Venus experiances is due to the planet been 22million miles closer to the sun – It obtains about twice as much UV Light.

It is also worth considering that slight changes in the Sun’s electromagnetic output will have slight but significant impact on warmth of the plantetary bodies. This can be observed with the various solar cycles upon the Earth.

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