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Monckton applies the heat January 25, 2010

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Monckton applies the heat

By Andrew Bolt
Herald Sun, January 25, 2010

Christopher Monckton’s debate this morning with Australian IPCC reviewer Ben McNeil on Sunrise, a minor temple of the warming faith, did not go well – for the alarmists. My goodness, but McNeil did seem awfully green (again) for an academic who demands such drastic changes to the way we live.

Even David Koch, long a fierce preacher of the warming faith, seemed no longer so sure of his old gospel.

I suspect Monckton will cause a lot more damage to the warmists before his tour is over – not least by simply getting the hearing that many local sceptics have been denied:

CLIMATE sceptic Christopher Monckton says he has evidence climate change is not a problem and that Kevin Rudd’s emissions trading scheme is unnecessary.

Lord Monckton said today he had come to Australia to prove the Prime Minister wrong.

The former adviser to British prime minister Margaret Thatcher said Mr Rudd carried out ”a 45-minute sustained personal attack” on him last November claiming he had no evidence on the effects of climate change.

“I’m going to say to the people of Australia, when your prime minister said I don’t have any evidence, here I am, here is my evidence, here is where I got it from,” Lord Monckton said in Sydney today.

The climate change sceptic will carry out an extensive 13-day lecture tour of Australia at an estimated cost of $100,000. The cost is being covered by two semi-retired Queensland engineers, John Smeed and Case Smit.

Lord Monckton claims climate change isn’t a problem for the planet and carbon dioxide emissions don’t contribute significantly to global warming. He claims world temperatures will rise by just half a degree (Celsius) by the end of the decade, compared with UN scientists’ prediction of a 3.5 degree rise.

Monckton’s interview with Alan Jones here. But this debate will be a complete mismatch. Poor Graham! Poor Barry!



1. Sydney Lawrence - January 26, 2010

Let Penny Wong debate the Lord on National Television.

2. Wedoman - January 28, 2010

The lord should read the IPCC reports again. No one ever claimed a 3.5 degree increase in a decade – it was for 100 years and it was between 2 to 4.5 degree (up to 6c for the very worst scenario).

Again, and as usual. You lesson to the guy, it looks great but if you take the time to analyze what he is really saying, it’s all foo – or twisted truth , when not stricly false.

And you put your faith in such a lier – not to say charlatan.

3. Cool Warming - January 28, 2010

Hey Wedoman

I agree, we shouldn’t put our faith in Lord Monckton, but rather we should put our faith in the IPCC reports, especially re the melting of the Himalayas 😉

4. Bush bunny - January 29, 2010

Seems Wedoman and Cool Warming can’t either spell or get updates
on the melting of the Himalayas. Do your research folks, the chairman
of the IPCC admits the Himalayas is not true, and the IPCC got most
of their ‘science’ (what a laugh) from the WWF. Just do some research
without condemning a man who is showing up the fraud and contempt
for developed nations this IPCC treaty was aiming to introduce.

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