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Climategate: The Mosher Timeline January 13, 2010

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The Mosher Timeline

By Steve McIntyre
Via Climate Audit, January 12, 2009

Patrick Courrielche has done an interesting timeline on the outing of the Climategate emails here, here, here in which Mosher’s busy November 17-19 has been publicized for the first time.

I thought that it would be useful to collect my own memory of the events while it is still relatively fresh, which I’ll do today. In doing so, I reviewed contemporary blog comments, reconciling the various blog times to a common time zone, and reviewed the timeline with Mosh, Lucia, Anthony and Jeff Id, in order that it would be as accurate as possible.

Mosh has a forthcoming book on Climategate that I haven’t seen and which will amplify the story. In addition, Bishop Hill has an excellent book that I have seen that was finished before Climategate, written in his usual lucid style that should be published this month as well.

The Public Record So Far
Here’s what is publicly known so far about the release of the Climategate dossier.

Read the rest here


1. steven mosher - January 15, 2010

The book hit the shelves today


2. Oliver K. Manuel - February 12, 2010

Thanks, Steve, for all that you are doing to expose the climate scandal.

At the root of the problem is an unholy alliance of politicians, federal research agencies and publishers that started to use science as a propaganda tool to control people as early as the 1970’s or 1980’s.

With kind regards,
Oliver K. Manuel

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