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Cognitive Disconnect: Cold Equals Warming January 11, 2010

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Cognitive Disconnect: Cold Equals Warming

By Alan Caruba
CFP, January 10, 2010

Over the course of Obama’s first year in office I have become convinced that he and his cronies think you are STUPID.

That’s why Nancy Pelosi could say the process by which Obamacare was put together and passed in the House and Senate was “open” and still think that doing it behind closed doors in both chambers while bribing every Democrat vote with public funds went unnoticed by the voters.

She thinks you’re STUPID.

It’s why Harry Reid may still hold onto his job as Majority Leader in the Senate after saying things about his favorite “Negro” that got Trent Lott removed from the same job in just under a month. We tend to forget that, from FDR to JFK, the Democrats thwarted civil rights legislation until they no longer could.

He thinks you’re STUPID.

The latest example of the complete disdain the White House has for the public is a response by press secretary Robert Gibbs who dismissed the worldwide cold snap as just another example of “climate change”, the new term for “global warming.”

On January 6, the Drudge Report headline links were as follows:

Winter Could Be Worst in 25 Years for USA…
Britain’s big snow shuts cities…
Elderly burn books for warmth?
Army drafted to rescue 1,000 snow stranded motorists…
Vermont sets ‘all-time record for one snowstorm’…
Iowa temps ‘a solid 30 degrees below normal’…
Seoul buried in heaviest snowfall in 70 years…
3 die in fire at Detroit home; power was cut…
Midwest Sees Near-Record Lows, Snow By The Foot…
Miami shivers from coldest weather in decade; Florida Gov Signs Emergency Order …
Cold snap spurs power rationing in China…

It’s “cognitive disconnect”, a fancy way of saying that the White House and Congress is under the impression that Americans actually believe that “warming” means “colder” and colder “proves” that warming is happening.

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1. greg2213 - January 12, 2010


Good point. There’s a huge double standard in media reporting. Very different rules apply to what D Vs R Pols say. Ask any conservative from any non-white ethnic group. It’s pretty much like the believers Vs skeptics in the AGW discussion. If you don’t believe then you’re horrible and you’re fair game for any insult, regardless of your pedigree/credentials.

As far as cooling = warming, did you see the WUWT post?

Or Piers Corbyn’s prediction?

The cooling=warming remarks seem to be a CYA policy and would be funny if the situation (proposed alarmist policies) wasn’t so serious.

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