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Friday Fun: Global Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up, Jan.7th 2010 January 8, 2010

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Global Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up, Jan.7th 2010

Daily Bayonet, January 7, 2010

Welcome to the first Round-Up of the decade.  We start the year with the UK covered in global warming, Al Gore in denial about Climategate (oh the ironing!) and discover that climate change is just like slavery.

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1. David Scott - January 9, 2010

I could be paddling a rowboat down Market Street in San Francisco after the poles have melted, and there will still be conservative fanatics who deny that humans are responsible for Global Warming or that it is even real. Please, read this article on this urgent issue: http:://pltcldscsn.blogspot.com/2009/12/conservatives-still-deny-global-warming.html

2. SirRuncibleSpoon - January 9, 2010

Wow: is this all there is of the vast sea wave of shock, anger and righteous indignation that nearly swamped my hard drive a month and a half ago?

The cretins of climatology did Copenhagen, sort of . . . non-binding piece of crap resolution and . . . what’s next? Someone do me a forecast of what’s next! The phalanx of media, climatologists, politicians and embedded/in-bedded industrial consortiums took a sweet hit in the privates, but have they risen to stumble forward once more?

By the way: nice average winter here in Maine, snow, cold and stray cats looking for shelter. Burning wood to help the CO2 levels in my area. Waiting for my stimulus check . . .

3. Alex Hamilton - January 10, 2010

Are you paddeling a rowboat down Market Street?

No more questions.

4. Olaf Koenders - January 10, 2010

David Scott..

I note that you simply copied and pasted the first sentence for your comment from the page. If that’s the amount of research you actually apply, it’s no wonder the fraudulent UN-IPCC can tell you what they like.

Anthropogenic Global Warming is real no doubt. But the human signal is so weak it’s difficult to discern from the natural noise, and CO2 is definitely not to blame, a minor greenhouse gas which has a logarithmic scale, meaning it’s good at retaining heat when there’s none to begin with, but doubling the concentration rapidly nulls its effects. This is why the IPCC had to massage figures to make it visible, and push their carbon agenda for World Government.

Originally, the first draft report from the IPCC contained summaries from the contributing scientists noting that there was no significantly measurable anthropogenic signal. They were removed by Phil Jones from the CRU and substituted to say the opposite. That’s just the tip of the iceberg in regards to Climategate.

Note also that the Earth’s history is littered with temperature swings of many degrees C without CO2 ever correlating or driving temperature, in fact, temperature changes PRECEDE CO2 level changes by some 800-2000 years, as Al Gore naturally didn’t point out in his sci-fi horror comedy film.

The Earth has also had some 10-20x CO2 levels (3000-7000ppm compared to 390ppm today) where life clearly thrived and WITHOUT a runaway greenhouse. The Mediaeval Warm Period 1000 years ago when the Vikings were able to colonise Greenland for some 300 years, until the Little Ice Age arrived. It’s proven to have been warmer then since their graves are now in permafrost, which otherwise couldn’t have been dug. Some might like to argue the MWP was only local or Northern hemisphere, however the Vostok ice core and some 6144 global core samples prove the MWP was global.

For further information, I suggest this excellent 4 part lecture by Professor Bob Carter:


Or watch any lecture by Lord Christopher Monckton for even more in-depth analysis of the IPCC fraud and climate.

Please ensure you fully understand both sides of the argument, and have done the research to complement it. Thank you.

5. gman - January 10, 2010

oh man it’s so cold outside here in Florida…must be that global warming………GLOBAL WARMING IS FAKE!!!! STOP GLOBAL COOLING!!!

6. Chuck K - January 11, 2010

Just when you think there is some sense being said, it get’s spoiled by mad comments on a conspiracy for World Government. Olaf Koenders, you were great until then. Can’t you just concentrate on one thing at a time?

7. cory A - January 11, 2010

Brrr…!!! Throw another Polar Bear on the Fire!

8. Olaf Koenders - January 12, 2010

Errmm.. Sorry Chuck. No. Had I known what might spoil it for everyone I might have to keep my laptop shut.

It’s wholly unfortunate that this issue is politically driven and that Peter Spencer, a fellow countryman of mine is sitting up a pole starving himself to death because our foolish Prime Minister gigglingly signed the Kyoto stupidity and now, Mr. Spencer’s land is declared a “carbon sink”, which he can’t legally develop or sell. In fact, after some 100 attempts, no court in this wide brown land would touch it.

If I might add for interest, global human CO2 emissions are some 30Bn tons. To reduce global temp by 1C, and using the IPCC’s intentionally bloated figures, we would require 1Tn tons of CO2 not to be emitted.

That would mean we return to the stone age, no cars, trains, industry – or campfires – for 30 YEARS!!

Using corrected figures blows that out to 200 years.

When these loonies walk out of Jokenhagen promising to reduce global temp by 1.5C you know it’s just another tax fraud! Mitigation is impossible. Do the math.

9. Drew - January 12, 2010

I just wish that all these smarter-than-thou liberals like David Scott would admit that they tried to destroy civilization when, in ten, twenty or however many years, they finally realize that they’ve been drinking the coolaid and been duped. Sadly, I am confident that they will slink away with nary a word, probably to start chasing some new bogeyman–anthropomorphic cellular degeneration, or something.

10. joe nowak - January 15, 2010

climategate is a hoax perpertraed by big oil and coal industries for one reason only GREEED the dont care if they kill every living thing on this planet for profit

11. Timothy Naylor - January 22, 2010

Big Oil didn’t write the emails. Professor Lindzen is not on Big Oil’s pay roll. Government spending supporting AGW outweighs by several times that of energy companies. In fact, by artificially limiting the supply of fossil fuels, Big Oil will experience a long lasting windfall. Trust me, their protest is not that strong. If Big Oil really wanted to snuff out AGW propaganda, with their resources, they could do it in an instant (hell, they sold us wars, anti AGW would be a cakewalk). Enron, once the symbol of all that’s wrong with energy companies was until its demise the biggest private financier of pro AGW research. Why? Because they were positioning themselves to make billions off carbon offsets and cap and trade credits. They made billions doing the same with a real pollutant sulfer dioxide. So don’t think AGW is backed by all the righteous. Follow the money scent and you’ll see how much it stinks.

So please, instead of just saying it’s greed and big oil. Show me the science that proves man has anything significant to do with raising Earth’s temperature. And do not mention phrases like “hottest on record” when the record keeping is just under 130 years. And if you do, please mention from 1939 to 1979 temperatures worldwide dropped significantly and from 98 to present they stabilized and dropped since 2002. That makes 54 years of falling temperatures during the two huge eras of industrial expansion (Post War boom and then India, China, and Brazil industrial growth explosion). These are plain old facts from GISS and Hadley.

12. april - January 23, 2010

I’ve been doing research on global warming, for my research paper for English. I am 16 and I’ve come to the conclusion that although global warming is real, we really can’t do anything about it without, as Olaf Koenders said, returning to the stone age for 30 years. They can’t dupe me! So on that note, I feel sorry for stubborn liberals who can’t swallow their pride and admit that they’re WRONG!!!

13. Sal Blomo - January 30, 2010

Look, it’s obvious that global warming is nothing more than a team-up of anti-business socialists and radical environmentalists looking to “guilt” society into forcing extremely high taxes on business and using the money to fund more government programs that keep impoverished people from voting anything but liberal left. It’s a power play.

Global Warming (in the dangerous sense) is nothing more than a political maneuver in which a partial truth that the Earth’s natural cycle of warming has “suddenly” been discovered to have been man’s doing all along and that only BIG government and it’s taxing and control of business can alleviate the problem.

Notice how Al Gore and anyone following his ideas are not open to debate. He turns the microphone off when people try to openly debate him. He and his cronies have spent hundreds of millions creating companies that profit from global warming. He still flies around in expensive private jets. Is driven around in gas guzzling SUV’s. His house, until recently was an energy efficient nightmare.

He uses the words “scientific consensus” as apposed to “scientific fact”. These are very different and important distinctions! Gravity is scientific fact. 100% of scientists agree. Global warming is not, that’s why it’s a consensus. The environmentalists will use all kinds of fancy words and numbers to confuse you. This is all simply used to put you into a position of disadvantage and obligation, similar to how a car dealer manipulates numbers to get you to buy a car at the price he wants.

People MUST stop buying buy into this nonsense. This is propaganda at it’s finest using tax payer dollars, sad videos of cute polar bears, wild animals, Hollywood awards and Nobel Peace Prizes (and we all know how watered down that has become) as a means to validate their hidden anti-capitalist agenda!

14. josephnowak - February 2, 2010

i see i have a response from 2 people that have interest in oil or coal one who is trying to convince me that big oil and coal will profit from this planet going green the fact is big oil dont want to give up 1% of there share off profits for there stock holders witch i sure you are one and they dont care if they kill every living thing on this planet to reach there goal did you see there profit margins . response#2 we have been burning goal for about 1500 years and oil for 150 years with the most consumption from 1960 to present that funny is in it when we notice that our planet is warming ,conisisdance is in it??? I hear that you skeptics believe that the world is flat and that the more CO2 we dump in to our atmosphere the more the plant will; grow that is true to a point so lets bulldoze everything and plant forest and live in caves and hunt each others.

15. Olaf Koenders - February 3, 2010


One thing you forgot to mention was the planet’s been warming for some 300 years, 250 of which we could have not been responsible for.

I’m not against cleaning up our act. Remove bad stuff like sulphur dioxide etc. Just leave CO2 alone as our plants grow faster because of this.

However, it’s greenies like you who scream against coal-power, nuclear-power and many CHEAP solutions of which solar and wind are heavily subsidised and essentially useless. In any case, when someone wants to build “green machines” you tell them not in YOUR backyard. Yes, you should be the one to return to the cave as you’ll never be happy.

16. joseph nowak - February 4, 2010

use greenies know what comes out power plant smoke stacks do you go look at the EPA website and it will tell you by the way mercury is good to breath as far wind and solar Germany and Holland uses 25%and growing .where i live they do let you build wind and solar CHEAP solution do you know that greenhouse gas is hazardest to human healt or is all about profit.our planet has never had so much CO2 consitration in 400,000 years As far as been happy i will be when all you carbon sucker get on top of the smoke stacks and breath in

17. Olaf Koenders - February 5, 2010

Joseph Nowak:

Use scrubbers on smokestacks. Just leave CO2 alone. It’s done no harm to the planet in the past with some 20x what we have now, and won’t in the future as we don’t have enough fossil fuels to reach those levels again unless nature helps by contributing a VERY large amount.

If CO2 was so harmful you’d kill people by performing cardio-pulmonary rescuscitation and saving lives by CPR would be banned, as your exhalation contains some 40,000ppm CO2.

18. Sal Blomo - February 6, 2010

You gotta love these environmentalists. In the 1970’s they frighten you with the supposed coming of an ice age and the running out of oil by 1990. Both of which were dead wrong!!

Now they tell you the planet is warming. Speak to one environmentalist and he tells you the Earth has been warming since 1800. Ask another and he says since 1950. Then another comes along and says since 1980. I’ve heard every year since man walked the Earth. No one knows what to say anymore!

During the 1990’s all we heard was Y2K! They sold count down clocks. They told us we’d be in the dark ages because all the worlds’ computers would shut down. And, what happened?? NOTHING!! And these were computers CREATED BY MAN! Wouldn’t you think we’d know our own equipment better then our planet???

Look, it’s blatantly obvious that extreme environmentalism is nothing more than an anti-business, anti-capitalist movement that blames industry for what it conveniently deems “Earth’s illnesses”. The Earth is 4 billion years old and has been through millions of times more devastating events than empty soda cans, plastic bags, smoke stacks and cow farts!

If you people really want to buy into this crock of you know what, then by all means. But, this is a sucker’s wet dream and people like Al Gore are laughing all the way to the bank on your dime. It’s a way for the democrat parties of the world to guilt their fellow hard working citizens into paying higher taxes.

By the way, enjoy the snow in Virginia. I hear it hasn’t snowed this hard in oh… I don’t know…. 90 years!! People are so dumb it’s frightening!

19. SirRuncibleSpoon - February 7, 2010

The odor of doom and sulfur does hang heavy in the air these days. Something is, as they say, ‘up’. People, frighteningly dumb as Sal notes, share a sense of alarm that the times have enflamed.

Note the huge spate of post apocalyptic training films and zombie-laced movie narratives of late. Heck, my wife reads a book called “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies”, no lie! What’s up with that?

Shaun of the Dead and Book of Eli entertain us and we move on with our lives. No public policy consequences there! But, AGW, even with out zombies and cannibals, calls us to confrontation and rebuttal.

I suggest that all these narratives possess the same function in the modern human mind: they attempt to offer a shape to a planet’s-worth of otherwise inchoate and ineffable fear that grows like a canker in billions of hearts these days.

I oppose AGW, IPCC, ISEU and a host of other genuinely misguided and possibly evil public entities preying on this fear. Each in its turn offers the frightened public a self-serving public policy palliative. Each develops a following convinced that their fear now has a shape and a solution. I work hard in my limited sphere of influence to counter their influence.

I might as well join Shaun of the Dead in the English pub, making a tragi-comic stand against zombies, for all the good my activism will ultimately do. I have come to believe the generalized sense of fear I see reflects an awareness of a great and genuine danger far beyond the dime-store evils like AGW represents or movies and books attempt to picture for us.

Real Evil stalks this planet and we do not yet know its name. Real Evil will offer itself not as another cause for our alarm but as a plausible source of relief from it.

Just you wait and see.

20. joseph nowak - February 8, 2010

all you capitalist get up on the top of the smoke stack and breath in and scrubbers are just B.S that the coal companies come out with so you dont stop using there products CO2 is good for plant us hummans breath oxygen and exhaule CO2 you must have missed that class in high school you capitalist should learn from history what happen to the other great empires like Rome because of greed and corruption you can take it with you when you die .

21. Uncle Vanya - February 15, 2010

Is this just another scam by Big Gubbermunt to hike all taxes skywards. Maybe invent a few New Taxes, like ‘Tax the Air We Breath’, ‘Toilet Tax’ to tax all folks on them using the WC everyday. A Window Tax on all houses and office blocks. A tax on parking your vehicle on your own property. Increasing local property taxes because your house has a ‘Nice View!’.

It’s all there. This is what might happen if the Bureaucrats gets their way. Global warming may or may not be correct. But the downside is that it is being used, or could be used by federal and local gubbermunts to hike taxes – its just one big SCAM!!

22. Sal Blomo - February 15, 2010

Why do liberals and their environmentalist kin have such an anger towards people making a profit? All they cry about is BIG this and BIG that! Why is working towards making money in life seen as some kind of character flaw? If I make $50k a year and the next guy makes $10 million a year, why is it my business? How does he take away from me? I’ve come to learn that liberals are nothing more than overly eccentric, arrogant people who believe that a person’s profit is in direct relation to their moral values. In other words, the more someone makes the less “values” these people automatically have.

Of course, I’m generalizing here. Liberals will NEVER scrutinize the ultra rich in specific industries they deem acceptable. For instance, the arts. It is perfectly acceptable for actors like Ben Affleck or a singers like Barbara Streisand to rake in hundreds of millions on tickets, videos, T-shirts and concerts, yet at the same time find it unacceptable for an entrepreneur to start a company (risking his retirement) to build it into an empire.

Bill Gates started Microsoft in his garage. Bloomberg was fired at the age of 39 when he started his company. What is the problem with working hard and making money? I really don’t get the thinking by these liberals! Similarly to the way Ultra-Right wing Christians taking the bible literally, I believe extreme liberals take the view that “all men are created equal” too literally.

I think we can all agree that all men are created equal such that each person should be given the “opportunity” to better their life as they see fit. Notice I used to word opportunity here. Yet at the same time it is entirely unfair and absolutely absurd to assume that people who make money automatically have the duty to share their hard earned treasure with those who don’t.

If all men are created equal the way socialist liberals view it, no one would work! Societal gridlock would ensue and invention and progress would die. Unfortunately, socialists and communists refuse to see these ends. They envision a world similar to the movie Cocoon, where the people are taken to another planet where no one ever dies and no one ever gets sick. Perhaps this is why Hollywood and liberalism work so well together. Make believe is what liberalism and Hollywood excel at.

We all know the world doesn’t work this way, yet theorists and ideological thinkers naively insist that this Super Mario Land of a world can exist on Earth and that they will find anyway possible to rid the world of man’s reward system called profit. Although they have a different word for it conveniently called GREED. Greed has sadly become a word used most often by the jealous of society. The people who look into others’ pockets as a way to judge.

Now, we all know the Earth warming and cooling as a cycle is a real phenomenon. I don’t think anyone with a basic understanding of Earth science can argue that. But Global Warming as the hysteria as we’ve come to know it over the last few years is not only a HOAX OF GREAT PROPORTION, but is actually a failing attempt by these socialists’ to guilt society into paying higher taxes in the hopes of destroying the best system in the history of society that we’ve all have been blessed to live under and that’s capitalism! In fact, countries like Vietnam, China and modern Russia are beginning to understand capitalism’s merits and embrace it’s obvious benefits. China has grown tremendously the past few years, buying up our debt and reducing their taxes.

Yet, the same song and dance plays on by the loud mouths of the left. Only the righteous of society… the artists, the environmentalists, the lawyers and their left-thinking politicians should have access to reaping financial rewards. I’m sure we’ve all been bitten by the bill we get from our attorney when he charges $500/hr for phone time, or the countless billions of tax payer dollars that have gone into saving some animal from extinction only to find that man was not the cause of it. Of course none if this is for profit! No no no. Not the way our left wing pals see it anyways. I’m sure we all can expect Michael Moore to have generously donated many of his millions to the people of Cuba or the people of Flint Michigan who he has used to prop up many of his anti-capitalist propaganda films while at the same time hypocritically raking in the profits for himself.

Of course that leaves us with our good friend Al Gore, who with his ill-gained Nobel Prize in hand has attempted to sucker the world into buying into the notion that images of fuzzy polar bears and liberal catch phrases like “Inconvenient Truth” or “The Earth Has a Cold” will guilt us off into a “green” frenzy. What Al Gore is quickly learning is that people are not as stupid as he wants them to be and are not willing to just GIVE UP their hard earned nest eggs because he and his ultra-socialist brethren say it is our duty to do so!

23. Old Tom - February 17, 2010

I note Al Gores worth has risen from $2million To$100 million in the last few years since he left Govt.with more to come as he is Chairman of a company that will profit from Carbon Credits.So you could call ‘An Inconvenient Truth” his Advertising Promo for his company,a small investment for a huge profit.And they say lying does not pay.Ned Kelly is alive and well and roaming the world with another name.

24. Old Tom - February 17, 2010

Oh and I forgot to mention the one who started it all in Australia Prof. Garno is head of two of the biggest polluters in New Guinea Oktedi Mines is one.You can’t trust anybody they are all profit driven.They twist everything around to suit their need.Their need is to bring money in ostensibly for research but it comes down to keeping their job.No Money No Job.Some have no self worth unless their name is out there in the news all the time.The present Rudd Govt.comes to mind they all need to be out there contributing something but are not prepared to work for us the voters,it all seems for their glory.

25. Sal Blomo - February 17, 2010

Ever notice that these fruitcake socialist liberals can’t EVER complain about something without partaking in the actual thing their complaining about. Example… Al Gore complains about carbon emissions destroying the Earth and that we most stop it or we’re all doomed right? Yet he says all this from the comforts of his many SUV’s and private jets. Al Gore should be walking around with a wheel barrow in front of him, to carry the set off balls this man has!!!

Michael Moore complains about capitalism and how greedy people are all while raking in millions in profits for himself. In fact a few months ago I saw Michael Moore on TV commenting about his latest movie. When asked him how many houses he had. Michael, with a classic obnoxious liberal attitude says… “That’s not the point!” I was on the floor laughing! You almost have to feel sorry for these hypocrites!!

I can’t wait till some liberal comes on stage and says “we must tax our people to lose weight because we have a weight epidemic in this country!”. Of course later we find out this phony liberal’s kitchen pantry is filled with Doritos bags.

26. Charles Odell - February 18, 2010

28 percent of all Americans believe global warming is a myth. 21 percent of all Americans believe the Sun rotates around the Earth. It would be interesting to see how much overlap there is between these two groups

27. SirRuncibleSpoon - February 19, 2010

Oh, Charles! I think I get it!!! If AGW skeptics can’t find their way clear to endorsing the latest IPCC manifesto or to believing loose organizational skills represent Phil Jones’ only serious problem, then they likely fall prey to believing the sun ROTATES around the earth.

Au contraire, mon credulous ami, AGW skeptics have had to endure savage criticism of their very existence for years. Keen data analysis, persistent cross-curricular study, desperate collegiality and high sense of purpose have served as their best and only refuge. On the other hand, earth-centrics cultivate a belief in the sun’s REVOLVING around the earth in isolation from such rigors; they preserve a sense of the sun’s REVOLVING around the earth only with persistent indifference to their world.

Bit the really stupid people, Charles, do things like cop a superior ‘tude towards the supposed intellectual deficiencies of global warming critics while unable themselves to differentiate between the sun’s REVOLVING and ROTATING.

Really, Charles, you seem way too full of yourself to realize that what stuffs you to the gills smacks more of arrogance and pride than accomplishment and knowledge. Typical liberal nose-in-the-air snark artist can’t see he just stepped in a fresh load. Check your shoes, buddy. You got some scraping to do before mom lets you back in the house.

28. pojoe - February 21, 2010

i love all you skeptics how much money did big oil make was it 40 billion let compare who got more to lose Al Gore or big oil what was our trade deficit for the month off December and why i will tell you we imported more oil so big oil destroys our enmovorment and economy at the same time this web site is founded some Republican carbon sucker that prefer money to clean air and water who don’t care about his children and grandchildren ,who sells his country for money .that why this country is broke.28% americans have money tied in the oil companies IT’S ABOUT GREED IS IT??

29. pojoe - February 21, 2010

SAL: I don’t care how much money you make but don’t pollute my air or water and don’t destroy this planet so my children can not live out there lifetime and try to B.S me that your not doing any off that by using oil or coal what goes up must come down that common sense this is not only your planet it belongs to all off us or are you selfish ?

30. Sal Blomo - February 21, 2010

pojoe, you’re delusional if you think that oil and coal, BOTH OF WHICH CAME FROM OUR PLANET, is all of a sudden destroying the planet. Am I selfish because I’m not so easily suckered? Your more selfish than me, because instead of using your brain which was designed as independent thinking unit (not one big government controlled liberal brain) you so easily buy into a felonious “feel good” science that is going to end up costing my kids, your kids and the rest of our societies’ hard earned nest eggs. All for a cause you not only can’t prove, but is being dis-proven each and every day. But, I’ll give you some credit for proving some things. You have proved that scientists could easily be bought off by socialist governments to further their control over hard working people and business. It’s in the UK papers every other day now. I thank you for furthering that study.

Now, a couple of things need to be squared away. First, I love how you tell me you don’t care how much money I make in one paragraph and then you rant and cry about greed in another. I quite frankly couldn’t care less if oil companies rake in big profits. But it’s obvious you do. Besides, who made you the divine decider of who gets to make money? Of course you care about money! If that weren’t the case then why does EVERY SINGLE LAW ENACTED BY YOUR FELLOW LIBERALS AND ENVIRONMENTALISTS ALWAYS RAISE MY TAXES?? No matter what the cause, liberals and their environmentalist “feel good” kin, always have to demonize big business, because to them, big business is the disease and high taxes are always the cure. It’s always the same bad guy and always the same pathetic solution with you people!

Second, you have absolutely no proof that oil or coal is killing the planet and that fact alone aggravates you to the point where you feel the need to lash out at people who are somehow “unenlightened” in your view. This is why liberals and environmentalist are not taken seriously by anyone outside of their obnoxious petty little society.

Now, if I were you, I would be much angrier at the world’s volcanoes since it’s scientifically a know fact that they release thousands of times more CO2 then humans ever could. Perhaps liberals should be angrier at the planets’ inner shifting of it’s tectonic plates which cause water levels to rise and fuzzy polar bears to be trapped on little icebergs. Oh and while you’re at it, perhaps you people should be enacting laws to legislate the sun, since solar flares send more damaging radio activity to the Earth than anything man could surely produce.

Look anyone with a brain in their head knows what this global warming BS all about pojoe so why don’t you keep your hands out of my wallet! If you like paying high taxes, then by all means give all your money away to the government. I’m sure Earth really cares.

31. SirRuncibleSpoon - February 21, 2010

We argue amidst the flames and wreckage of all our parents left us of their country. The present American administration and its allies in congress have wormed their way into the nursery of the republic and all but finished strangling Baby Liberty and setting the house on fire. I work for a good electoral outcome in 2010 but fear new faces alone will not damp those fires. Obama leaves us debt beyond imagining, a wrecked economy, betrayed constitutional fundamentals and a demoralized citizenry of federal dependents. AGW played, after all is said and done, a minor role.

Praying mantis females bite the heads off their lovers, who go on thrusting with their abdomens nonetheless. Such is our friend pojoe, yammering away with talking points and bile on behalf of a monster whose head some obscure data researcher in Hadley cut off. He’s merely pathetic. The real struggle lies ahead, a struggle for survival.

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