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Express.co.uk, January 6,2010

AS one of the worst winters in 100 years grips the country, climate experts are still trying to claim the world is growing warmer.

With millions of Britons battling through snow and ice to get to work today, scientists claim that the cold conditions should not be used as evidence against man-made climate change.

Blizzards, ice and sub-zero temperatures that have gripped the UK for almost a month in a record deep freeze are not “robust” indicators of global weather patterns, they say.

Their claims come despite the fact that the rest of the northern hemisphere, from America to Europe and Asia, is suffering some of the worst winters in living memory.

Huge snowfalls are being witnessed from China and South Korea, across eastern, central and western Europe and to America where even Florida is struggling to record temperatures above freezing.

Last night critics of the global warming lobby said the public were no longer prepared to be conned into believing that man-made emissions were adding to the problem.

Long-term forecaster and trends analyst Piers Corbyn, of WeatherAction, said: “Global warming is a failed science built on falsified data. It is a sham to say that man has caused it.”

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1. john - January 7, 2010

there have been more temp records broken world wide. the whole dialogue of global warming is to facilitate new economic markets, since old markets were raped and pillaged by the financial pirates. why do you think there is a big land grab for desert areas(middle east)? because they will soon be the forested areas of the earth. New agricultural outposts to serve the elite. Governments continually lie to the people so you have to look at it from that perspective. The reason for Iraq invasion?weapons of mass destruction? lie. You have e-mails from scientist trying to sell “global warming” that some of the scientists who helped to draft terrifying UN claims about climate change harboured uncomfortable doubts, it has been revealed. I expect to see climate legislation that will state it is a crime to question global warming. I hereby sentence you to three months in the cooler, court adjourned.

2. melogardener - January 8, 2010

I am new to the site and posted my questions and comments on another header and then looked further…so I re-post it here…because my questions were the same. Edmonton was the coldest city on the planet a few weeks ago and Siberia the coldest place on the planet the same night! That was news at -45 celcius

So what if the Earth’s axis were tilted 90° to the ecliptic or some such was occurring ….could it occur? …or anything else that could suggest the coldest winter in a hundred years etc…and I in Canada prairies attest to that truth though I heard a silly BBC weatherman snip otherwise and clueless as to how he formed the opinion that Canada is having a mild winter. I suspect it is somewhat simplistic to assume that the theory of climate change is any different than the theory of evolution but dare anyone, scientist included speak otherwise? Of course not because it is like nailing a thesis to the wall of politically correct liberalism that has dictated its religious dictates upon everyone including science this last millenia and I am forbidden to suggest they look up the word theory and suggest it is not proven fact! Curiously Orwells book 1984 bore more truth than these modern day theorists from Media and hollywoods arrogant pulp fiction mill to the crazy global political and industrial machinations ever will ! I am so tired of liberalist lies that have seeped into everything we teach our children and our world that has now distorted the right of scientist to even question what these wannabe liberal pseudo=science preachers want to preach as truth! I remember well the schientist and doctors that were shut up and out because hydrogenated fats were the going market sell and their message was deadly to the heart before they hit our shelves…so now with climate change …is it another green sale? Of course the need to control our own lives and buy an electric car stuff is a matter of common sense but lets be honest, it is not allowed because of those who control the world economies and markets. So has the status quo greenie liberals sold me on global warming? Well at -45 celcius in alberta south…and winter that was 8 months instead of 6 or 5 last year and the year before…I have questions that go beyond the GW flusher I assure you. As a gardener …my questions are more legitimate as to why this global warming has lessened our summer days and increased our winter days so profoundly and yes I wonder about magnetic poles… the axis changing! I only wonder and read but the truth is I want to hear from real scientist but alas they have all been locked out in the cold!

I would like to hear real conversations as to what are the many possibilities that science could suggest for what is going on everywhere and why we are all effected so diversely in different parts of the world…and not just from global warming gurus and their sellable films!

3. matt - June 1, 2010

I really dont think global warming is important to the worlds governments anymore. After the winter that just past they’ve acted as if Copenhagen didnt happen and that there’s nothing to be ashamed of.

On the subject of weather it I think its a strong possibility that after two harsh, cold winters in England snow is returning like it did in the early/mid 1900’s. Questions now need to be asked, answered and dealt with by this new government on how are they going to act if we get snowed in at the start of october/november 2010. Is investment needed? Well organisation and determination is certainly needed.

4. J. Clifford - July 18, 2010

Still looking for the honest climate debate. Where’s your article describing how Cold Earthers are having to sweat in the summer time?

NOAA just released data showing that 2010 so far is the hottest year ever recorded, but you refuse to write an article about that. Instead, you write: “One More Look at the Coming Cooling”

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