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Friday Fun: Hide The Decline – Climategate November 27, 2009

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Friday Fun: Hide The Decline – Climategate

By Minnesotans for Global Warming


1. Paul Pierett - November 28, 2009

Dear Editor,

The people, like Al Gore have tried to subdue the United States for years and now believe they have a “lap dog in the President of the United States. We will soon know.

The pain point is the hoax is now exposed and the leaders with dark eyes need Obama’s paw print on the document within the next two weeks so they can start twisting Obama and the Clintons around their fingers.

Now that Obama has obliged himself to be there; the US EPA is taking 2500 global warming scientists over 30K scientist who say it is garbage and a hoax; and the hoax is out, then the obvious is now transparent. The US is ruled by “Chamberlains.” Simply speaking, they are appeasing the UN for they know not out to lead a nation. It is easier for the UN to dictate US policy.

The only thing that could be worst is for the Yellowstone Volcano to blow its top. Now that we are in a solar sunspot cycle minimum, that action would be catastrophic to the US.

Most Sincerely,

Paul Pierett

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