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Climate Debate – Bolt vs Penberthy: Who’s right? November 27, 2009

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Climate Debate – Bolt vs Penberthy: Who’s right?

Via AdelaideNow, November 27, 2009

-Andrew Bolt argues global warming is a giant scientific fraud <click here>

-David Penberthy says we should trust the experts <click here >.

Who do you believe?



1. Meshenhugger - November 28, 2009

Andrew Bolt wins hands down he has the facts and question everything.
Penberthy just simply goes along with the tribal mob.

2. david brown - November 29, 2009

andrew bolt argues totally from a political view. i have yet to read one article by him that eludes to the science of the issue. therefore he has no facts, just a political opinion. he questions things only from a political perspective. the ”tribal mob ‘ are the worlds foremost experts in the field. the likes of exxon consultants like fred singer, who once commented that ” nicotine is not addictive [‘when he was a consultant for the tobacco industry ] are bolts main sources. making his entire argument invalid

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