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BBC dispatches 35 staff to climate talks – creating as much carbon as an African village does in a year November 21, 2009

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BBC dispatches 35 staff to climate talks – creating as much carbon as an African village does in a year

Daily Mail, November 20, 2009

The BBC is sending 35 people to next month’s climate change talks in Copenhagen – creating as much carbon dioxide as an African village does in a whole year.

The corporation said its delegation of 12 presenters, along with a backup team of researchers, producers and camera crews, will spend up to two weeks in the Danish capital on expenses to cover the global summit.

Critics said the numbers were ‘absolutely staggering’ and accused the BBC of playing fast and loose with licence payers’ money.

If all 35 BBC staff go by plane, they will generate around six or seven tons of carbon dioxide.

Conservative MP Philip Davies said: ‘It’s absolutely staggering. It’s yet another example of how wasteful the BBC is.

It begs the question what all of these people will be doing when they are there.

‘On the subject of climate change, the BBC seems to lose all its critical faculties and it will probably be just a fawning exercise over these environmentalists anyway.

‘It would be nice if one of these 35 people asked some pertinent and critical questions about climate change. But I suspect they will all be subscribers to the extreme environmental agenda.’

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1. cbullitt - November 21, 2009

Hilarious. I noted at my place yesterday they were carrying the Govt. water by treating the CRU hack and release as a cyber-security piece, with no mention of what was revealed.
The unfolding media/government reaction will be interesting, if not entirely maddening.

2. Paul Pierett - November 22, 2009

The BBC reports the news.

We have two weeks left.

What will happen next?

Do they know?

When all the dignitaries are in place, the signing is done; will world-wide drought disappear?

Will they stop the oceans from rising?

Will they stop the glaciers from melting?

Will they stop the growing number of hurricanes?

Are they God?

It will be interesting to see what He has to say about all this.

There are very few sunspots now.

Things are starting to grow quiet.

Drought started in 2004.

Average winter temperatures began to decline in 2000.

Where are the global warming green house gases when you need them?

The AP says the Stats say global warming, but the end of their chart says global cooling.

What do we know?

We know that the same people that have driven the American people into debt, now wish the Americans to be ruled by others.

We know that stopping them in Copenhagen is a lost cause.

We know their truth is a lie.

Dear Lord, We could use one nasty winter storm in the next few weeks in the northern hemisphere over Europe. You can make it happen. You did in the worshippers of Baal. You destroyed Babel. You rip the curtain in the Temple when they killed Your Son. They are back. Please, Dear Lord, make it happen. We don’t have a chance without You.


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