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Sunspot numbers for October 2009 November 8, 2009

Posted by honestclimate in sunspots.
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Sunspot numbers for October 2009


Month 2008 2009
Jan 3.3 1.3
Feb 2.1 1.4
Mar 9.3 0.7
Apr 2.9 1.2
May 3.2 2.9
Jun 3.4 2.6
Jul 0.8 3.5
Aug 0.5 0
Sep 1.1 4.2
Oct 2.9 4.6
Nov 4.1
Dec 0.8


1. Magnus A - November 8, 2009

Let’s hope we’ll get a SC24 with at least 60 sunspots a month. A weak solar cycle, indeed. But I hope Penn and Livingstone’s hypothesis about diminishing sunspots is wrong. A little ice age no one wants.

2. amicus curiae - November 11, 2009

magnus, I agree an ice age would be a problem..
but golly!
we could then use all the nasty carbon to heat us:-)
imagine the crowds at the feedlots wanting to get warm off the Nitrogen and methane:-)
uh huh…
what I do worry about is a maunder event, AND a volcano going off bigtime.
and we still! have idiots wanting to release suphur dioxide to shade us..

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