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Lawrence Solomon: Canadian concern over climate change plummeting November 3, 2009

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Lawrence Solomon: Canadian concern over climate change plummeting

by Lawrence Solomon
Financial Post, November 2,2009

According to a new Climate Confidence Monitor survey released today, support for action on climate change is plummeting in Canada. Just 26% of Canadians consider global warming among their chief concerns, down from 34% in 2008.

Concern in the U.S. is even lower – just 18% , down from 26% in 2008. The UK’s level of concern is the lowest of all, a mere 15%, down from 26% in 2008.

Worldwide, the drop in concern over climate change has also dropped by 8 percentage points, from 42% to 34%.

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1. Frank Gue - March 15, 2011

There isn’t much doubt that the globe is warming, and has been since the end of the “little ice age” in the late 19th century.

It also was much warmer in the 11th to 14th centuries, when vineyards grew in Britain and Greenland was being farmed.

What isn’t at all clear is whether the warming is anthropogenic (man made). Beware post hoc reasoning (“after that, therefore because of that”). Yes, warming has followed industrialization, but that does not prove that i. caused w.

Yes, we should clean up our act, because we are destroying our beautiful blue planet. But no, we should not narrowly focus on one activity only (CO2 reduction) to the exclusion of other higher priority improvements, such as a vast reduction in excess plastic packaging and other overuse of plastics, and finding some way to make cars and trucks part of the answer rather than such a big part of our pollution problem. And no, CO2 is NOT a noxious gas, as declared by some US agencies. Puts me in mind of the US senator of long ago who proposed that pi should be set equal to 3, since 3.14159 is such an inconvenient number.

Will some sane, knowledgeable person or agency identify, quantify, and prioritize our ecology-destroying activities and start doing something orderly about them? And let the rest of us know what our parts in this program are, cuz right now we’re acting like lemmings.

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