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Aussies cooling on global warming October 12, 2009

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Aussies cooling on global warming

The Daily Telegraph
October 13, 2009

AUSTRALIANS are becoming less concerned about the threat of global warming, pushing environmental issues down the list of threats.

Climate change is no longer rated the top foreign policy issue for the Federal Government, a Lowy Institute poll will reveal today.

It was top of the list in 2007 but now is ranked seventh out of 10 policy priorities. Out of 12 possible threats, Australians rated global warming the fourth most critical, the survey found.

However a significant majority of Australians, 76 per cent, still saw climate change as a problem.

The poll follows comments from Professor Ross Garnaut, author of the federal Government’s climate change review, who claims the rancorous debate on an emissions trading scheme (ETS) is one of Australia’s worst cases of policy making on a major issue.

“I think this whole process of policy making over the ETS has been one of the worst examples of policy making we have seen on major issues in Australia,” he told ABC television.

“It is a very difficult issue so I suppose it was never going to be easy. But the way it has broken down is extraordinary.”

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1. AlexKenas - October 27, 2009

I remember that the global warming scare was a huge fad back in 2006. Nowadays, no one except die-hard hippies believes it. Now, they call it “climate change” instead of global warming because their ill-informed side of the issue has been down-sized.

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