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Mission Accomplished by Professor Will Alexander September 22, 2009

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Mission Accomplished by Will Alexander

Via Climate Realists, September 18th 2009

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The whole climate change issue is rapidly disintegrating. There is no possibility of a meaningful agreement being reached at Copenhagen for a successor to the Kyoto Protocol that expires in 2012. The developing nations have made it clear that combating poverty and increasing the welfare of their citizens are higher priorities.

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1. Klem - September 22, 2009

They are correct, increasing the welfare of their citizens is the correct approach. It is too early to make international agreements to combat climate change when it has never been shown conclusivly that CO2 or humans are responsible. Every study indicating that climate change is caused by humans is offset by the next one showing that it is not. Every day it goes back and forth.

And the idea of creating this new global carbon trading industry (managed and manipulated by governments), just in case humans are the cause, does not turn my crank sorry. Show that we are the cause and everyone will be on board. The push and pressuere to bring this together now smells fishy. Seems like governments are trying to pulll the wool over our eyes (again).

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