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Arctic Sea Ice Not Following Consensus September 20, 2009

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Arctic Sea Ice Not Following Consensus

By Jeff Id
The Air Vent, September 18, 2009

From the NSIDC, Sea ice reaches it’s annual minimum extent growing by 370,000 square miles over 2007.  An area 1 1/2 times the size of Texas.  The recovery is 220,000 sq miles above last year alone yet the NSIDC claims below that the scientists don’t consider this a recovery.

They cite younger thinner ice again and a lower level than the 30 year mean as the reasons this is not a recovery.  I have difficulty ignoring a near 400,000 sq mile increase in ice level.  So I hope they don’t mind if I do consider it at least a partial recovery.

From a post on CA SteveM posted a graph from the NSIDC’s compiled 2008 projections of sea ice by the different ‘experts’ in the field.  Since 2008 minimum is clearly marked and 220,000 sq miles is equal to 570,000 sq kilometers of increase.  We can determine where on the NSIDC graph the actual Arctic sea ice turned out.

All I can say is, be glad you’re not an expert on sea ice.  The linear trend is actually closer than the majority of the experts.

Untitled-1Various “expert” predictions of 2009 sea ice minimums. Green Line is Actual

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1. John Marshall - September 21, 2009

This may be a case of ‘do not be blinded by truth if it distorts your claims’. Both NSIDC and NOAA have political agendas which truth will not change. If you continue with your excellent reports then the public will be empowered to vote out the alarmists and get a government that they deserve.

2. Nat Lowell - October 23, 2009

Well said.. The Maldives “underwater meeting” was just another sign of the loopyness coming from the educated alarmists.. Cow flatulant taxes should have put this trillion dollar silliness to rest once in for all, but it didn’t. So now we have US officials calling for painting buildings white and buying white cars, airlines asking people to “pee” before boarding to reduce weight for takeoff…. How insane will this get? Richard Lindzen said it best; “ordinary people see right through global warming, but educated people seem to buy into it easily”….. The “smart” people are in the majority now. Hope we respond in 2010…

3. Steve - November 7, 2009

Can somebody point me to a document, preferably on the internet but at Amazon if necessary, that succinctly and cogently spells out whether there is, or is not, a global warming problem. The above addresses Antarctica, but we know they are talking about cruise ship tours into our Arctic that Columbus, and others dreamed about . . . the Northwest Passage. How can that be if there isn’t warming?

4. John Marshall - November 7, 2009

Steve, Try the cryosphere today web site as that gives real time satellite pictures of both poles. Sailing the Arctis ocean is possible on the Siberian side, ie the NE passage, for years every summer as that side melts first. The NW passage, ie the Canadian side, is a problem and hardly ever melts. Arctic ice was 30% up on the 2007 figure and freezing has started a little earlier so more winter ice will lead to more summer ice. Ice area follows natural cycles and our 30 year data set is far too short a time to establish any sort of accurate pattern.

5. amicus curiae - November 11, 2009

I keep waking in fright..having nightmares Gore got elected:-)
imagine how bad it could have been…
Luckily we who have no political agendas outnumber them:-)
and WE get to VOTE!

6. Willy - December 8, 2009

The Cryosphere Today people are in love with 2007. They show the current data but, emphasis is on the 2007 low. I don’t think these people understand step wise recovery in a natural cycle!

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