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Oil to the rescue of the ice-bound warmist August 20, 2009

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Oil to the rescue of the ice-bound warmist

Andrew Bolt
Herald Sun, August 20, 2009

Eric Forsyth, captain of the eco-yacht Fiona, is alarmed:

Within the next generation two problems of global proportions threaten the way of life as we now know it in the United States. They are:

1. Global Climate Change
2. Global Depletion of Fossil Fuel

To alert the rest of us to this peril, he decides to sail through the fable North West Passage, highlighting the terrible ice melt in the Arctic.

Small problem:

AUGUST 17, 2009

Last night, 16 Aug, we got hopelessly trapped by the ice. Despite a favorable ice report we encountered 8/10ths ice, with many old, i.e. large, bergs. We spent the night tied to one of them but had to leave this morning when another ‘berg collided with us and tipped Fiona over. We got away but the space around us is shrinking. I called the Canadian Coast Guard at noon and they are sending an icebreaker, due here tomorrow. We are NOT in immediate danger. Watch this space for developments.

There’s a shock. Too much ice for this warming catastrophist, who now needs rescuing by a ship powered by that evil fossil fuel Forsyth rejects, in theory at least.

Of course, Forsyth sure isn’t the first alarmist to be nearly killed by the Arctic ice he felt sure wouldn’t be there.



1. Charlie - August 20, 2009

Forsyth will just blame the unexpectedly heavy ice on “climate change”.

We can always come up with a new way to blame “climate change’.

Warming means the ice is thin 1st. It gets moved around by wind more easily. This means it gets moved over into the NW passage.

I forget where I saw that, but that’s a crude paraphrase of a serious comment by a climate scientist.

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