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WeatherAction 100 year Forecast August 16, 2009

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WeatherAction 100 year Forecast

By Piers Corbyn


1. Bush bunny - December 30, 2010

yES This is a good report and one I have shared
for 10 years. The thing is any archaeologist or
palaeoanthropologist, would have known that Earth
is an ice planet that luckily for human evolution has enjoyed warmer than normal temps over the last
12000 years. Allowing humans to develop agriculture
and animal husbandry, and fish. The Northern Hemisphere suffered worse from a glacial period, and
should another ice age emerge then some quick adaptation regarding growing food etc., in lower
temps and lower precipitation in some parts of the world. Somehow the Southern Hemisphere was
spared this in comparison. Modern humans gene
pool coming from Africa where it was warmer and more luscious than today. Maybe the Sahara will be
come again a garden of Eden. And this will eventually happen perhaps. Global cooling will potentially be worse for humans than global warming. So look at the politics behind all this
AGW nonsense. And who stood to benefit from it?

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