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The end is nigh by Professor Will Alexander August 11, 2009

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The end is nigh

By Professor Will Alexander
Via ICECAP, August 10, 2009

Climate is never constant on any time or space scales. It varies from day to day all the way through to decades, centuries and beyond. It also varies from our backyards all the way through to the other side of the world. The climate of the Kalahari Desert is not replicated anywhere in Europe. Despite all this we are told that the overwhelming consensus of (northern hemisphere) scientists is that the end of the world awaits us if we don’t control our carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere. These are from coal burning power stations, motor and air transport, gas stoves and charcoal braais.

How can we possibly live without these essentials of modern life? Close your eyes and imagine the effect of blackouts in our homes. Imagine deserted streets. Imagine the effect on our tourist industry. Imagine the collapse of our economy. Imagine growing social unrest and a return of xenophobic conflicts. Imagine the conflicts with our neighbouring countries over the remaining water in our rivers. Yet none of these consequences are taken into account when the climate alarmists start preaching their distorted gospels.

The problem goes even deeper. Millions of children on the African continent are starving. Yet these same ‘scientists’ are more concerned with threats to our wildlife, tadpoles and water lilies than with humanitarian concerns. Photographs of dead crocodiles in the Olifants River are more newsworthy than those of sickly children with protruding ribs because they have nothing to eat.

Fortunately all this alarmism is about to come to an end. Like the pendulum of a clock, the world’s climate is on the verge of changing phases from warming back to cooling. These changes do not take place gradually. The climate alarmists are about to be exposed for what they are.

Unwisely, the South African authorities have deliberately ignored the views of those of us who challenge the scientific validity of the whole climate change issue. We have had to suffer all sorts of insults and indignities. Now at last our smiles are returning. Last week the TV programme Carte Blanche repeated its bedtime scare stories. Viewers were shown scenes of chunks of Greenland glaciers collapsing into the sea as a result of global warming. This is nonsense. Glaciers are rivers of ice that have been flowing into the sea since the beginning of time.

These scenes were followed by shots of a South American glacier in full bloom in 1928, and only scraps of snow and ice left last year. The audience was not told that the 1928 photo was taken in mid winter and the recent photo in mid summer.

Then there were those frightening sketches of Table Mountain becoming an island surrounded by the rising ocean levels as the Antarctic ice melted.
Fortunately the TV programme did not include the two photographs of Marion Island that have featured in the newspapers. The island is halfway between South Africa and the Antarctic. One photograph showed the lone glacier on the island sweeping across the foreground. The other showed that the glacier had disappeared as a result of global warming. The producer of the photograph underestimated the intelligence of the viewers. The second photograph was an enlargement of the barren background in the first photograph!

These are the depths to which climate alarmists are prepared to descend to in order to persuade the public and generate research funding regardless of the truth or the consequences. Eventually they get caught up in their own spider webs. Read the full article here.



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