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Must See Video: Greenhouse Conspiracy August 9, 2009

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Must See Video: Greenhouse Conspiracy

Screened back in the year 1990

There is an interesting interview at the 41:40 mark with Professor Stephen Schneider regarding his global cooling/ice age view in the 1970s….


1. K T Cat - August 9, 2009

What if they’re both wrong and the climate goes sideways? Have you ever thought of that, Mr. Fancypants Blogger? Well, have you?

If the climate doesn’t change significantly one way or the other, by 2050, we’ll have massive unemployment as all the climatologists are fired and have to go find other jobs. It will be chaos! Rioting in the streets!

We’re doomed, doomed!

2. JP - August 10, 2009

I came across this documentary a few months ago while first researching the issue. I was amazed that way back in 1990 we already had all the answers and all the evidence that GW was not a threat and simply a natural phenomenon. The arguments are all almost all the same, the data and plots are all almost all the same (aside from new data in recent plots). The evidence then and the evidence now is all almost all the same – models vs. real world data.
My oh my what the heck happened to us in the mean time!?

3. m14brian - August 10, 2009

LOL pretty funny K T Cat!

This video just shows how all this global warming nonsense has not changed. It has been total “Sky is Falling” junk from day one. Unfortunatly congress has 1/2 way accepted this by the house passing a ridiculus cap and trade bill. I dont think the Senate will wise up and defeat it. So I am not optimistic. Oh well…

4. Michael - September 20, 2009

79 billion tax payer dollars 20 years later, we got nothing!

5. happyface - September 21, 2009

LOL. The constiturents are convicned? LOL

Say it straight out. It is the Rothschilds!

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