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Australia.to News, July 30, 2009

Senator Steve Fielding
Family First Senator Steve Fielding has written to all senators offering them a scientific briefing on climate change with Professor Bob Carter before they vote on the Rudd Government’s Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme.

“This is the biggest economic decision in this country’s history,” Senator Fielding said.

“I can’t see how any responsible senator could vote on an emission trading scheme without listening to what the world of science has to say on the issue.
The briefing will take place on 12 August, the day after Parliament resumes.

“I also wrote to the government’s climate change expert, Professor Will Steffen, but he declined my invitation to provide senators with a briefing,” Senator Fielding said.

“I’m at a loss as to why Professor Steffen doesn’t want to put forward his position if he believes in it so strongly.

“Given the science is still inconclusive I’m not willing to gamble with thousands of Australian jobs and escalating electricity prices.

“This decision is too important to be voted along party lines. If we don’t get it right we could be paying for the consequences for years to come.

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1. Brian Tideman - August 1, 2009

Again, I encourage you to hold out for a balance of views and facts.
I realise from my earlier professional involvement in the implementing of systems to measure both sea temperatures and atmospheric data, both using discrete and moving sensors, that the best (though limited) accuracy and the end usage of the data is very problematical. Then there is the realm of satellite derived measurements of these same parameters. While the latter might be thought to provide better global coverage, the usage of this data in models that are not hugely sensitve to the initial and ongoing settings apparently leaves something to be desired, especially when the part played by water vapour (as highlighted by Kininmonth and other scientists) seems to be either ignored or applied to global models in a manner over which there seems to be little agreement.
Given the almost complete absence of any correlation in the past with C02 levels and climate change, and the great uncertainty as to possible physical, chemical, weather circulation and even solar input causes, makes me and many others, including yourself, Steve (which is very heartening), very dubious of the part played by C02. This compels me, at least, to STRONGLY URGE THAT NO NATION, INCLUDING AUSTRALIA, SHOULD PROCEED WITH ANY SCHEME INVOLVING THE VERY EXPENSIVE REDUCTIONS IN C02 EMISSIONS (via taxes, and probably unnecessary changes to the energy generating infrastructure) WHILE THERE IS SUCH DISAGREEMENT AND UNCERTAINTY.

Brian Tideman

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