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Hotter, colder, more, less…and they say the science is settled? July 19, 2009

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Hotter, colder, more, less…and they say the science is settled?

By the blogowner, honestclimate, July 19, 2009

Thought I’d share the below articles from the last couple of weeks.  Please bear in mind that the debate is over and the science is settled…

Sydney’s climate to ‘become like Brisbane’s’
Via the ABC, July 6, 2009

The globe’s tropical zone is expanding rapidly and by the end of the century, Sydney’s climate will be more like Brisbane’s is today, Australian experts say.

Australia: Record cold hits the tropics
Via Globalfreeze, July 18, 2009

Clermont in the Central Highlands plummeted to minus three degrees on Saturday morning, 10 degrees below their July average and the towns coldest night on record. Sub zero temperatures even spread as far north as Mt Isa, their coldest night in seven years. Even mild coastal areas have dropped to single figures over the past few nights with Rockhampton recording a minimum of just three on Saturday morning, colder than any night in central Sydney for more than 20 years.

Wow, the tropics colder than Sydney? I guess we could just blame climate change for the cold, like the BBC does in the article below.

Children die in harsh Peru winter
Via the BBC, July 12, 2009

Almost 250 children under the age of five have died in a wave of intensely cold weather in Peru.
Children die from pneumonia and other respiratory infections every year during the winter months particularly in Peru’s southern Andes.
But this year freezing temperatures arrived almost three months earlier than usual.
Experts blame climate change for the early arrival of intense cold which began in March.

More, less, whatever
Via Andrew Bolt, July 18, 2009


Global warming is intensifying the monsoon in Central India, according to a study that warns of increasing risk from heavier rains during the season.


Each year, millions of farmers in India hope and pray for the right kind of monsoon rains to help grow their crops. But it’s believed climate change is delaying the onset of the monsoon – threatening crops and pushing up the prices of basic foods. .

Warming turns out nice
Via Andrew Bolt, July 17, 2009

It has been assumed that global warming would cause an expansion of the world’s deserts, but now some scientists are predicting a contrary scenario in which water and life slowly reclaim these arid places….

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change warned recently that rising global temperatures could cut West African agricultural production by up to 50% by the year 2020. But satellite images from the last 15 years do seem to show a recovery of vegetation in the Southern Sahara


1. Klem - July 19, 2009

I love it. The more blogs I read about climate change the more skepticism I see. Public support has turnedregarding climate change so there is very little public supportfor Cap&trade. Can we end this cap&tax idea now?

2. Magnus - July 21, 2009

We may already be beyond the 4 degrees C temperature level since pre-industrial times! 4 degrees!!!

This is proved and showed in any recinstruction. E g Schwartz and Randall:

Remember: The global temperature must not increas to above 2 degrees C above pre-industrial level. But it already has increased at least 4 degrees C above that level, I think! There’s nothing we an do than to stop the society and announce catastrophe conditions!

3. Magnus - July 21, 2009

Correct me if I’m wrong…

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