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Al Gore runs away from Senator Steve Fielding… July 18, 2009

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Al Gore runs away from Senator Steve Fielding…


The real reason I’ll fight in the Senate on climate change

Excerpts from The Punch, July 16, 2009

By Senator Steve Fielding

Senator Steve Fielding

Climate change is real. Yes that’s right, contrary to the misreporting in the media, I do believe in climate change.

That might come as a shock to some of those on the left side of politics, but it’s the truth.

The question that concerns me, however,  is what is driving it? Is it increasing levels of human made carbon dioxide emissions, variations in solar radiation or something else?

But then enter Al Gore. Here was a man who had a lot of power and went around the world preaching about climate change. I thought he might have the answer for me, the ones I couldn’t extract from the Rudd government.

I briefly met Mr Gore at a breakfast in Melbourne attended by more than a thousand people. He was aware of the important role Family First plays in the senate and was keen to catch up.

After a series of phone calls I was met with a stonewall of resistance. I offered to meet Mr Gore at any place at any time but had no luck. Here we had the former Vice President of the United States, a self proclaimed climate change preacher running away from me over a few simple questions. I could hardly believe it.

I would have thought if Al Gore was really committed to the cause he would want to meet with all senators who had concerns about the science if it would help ensure that the CPRS legislation would pass. Obviously I was wrong.

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1. Yorg - July 18, 2009

“That might come as a shock to some of those on the left side of politics, but it’s the truth.”

What the hell does that mean?
Being leftist makes you an alarmist?

I like fielding for questioning AGW but that was low

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