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Denouncing the climate caper July 16, 2009

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Denouncing the climate caper

By Andrew Bolt, Herald Sun
Thursday, July 16, 2009 at 09:14am


Climatologist Dr Garth Paltridge has finally had enough of the hysteria, hype and witchhunting that’s fed the great global warming scare. Out today is his new book, The Climate Caper:

(Patridge) discusses how and why climate scientists have vastly overstated the case for disastrous global warming.

Among other things he explains why forecasts of a much dryer Australia in the future – forecasts which were the basis of the Garnaut economic recommendations which led in turn to the Emissions Trading Scheme now before parliament – are probably nonsense….

He says of climate change research:  “The whole business has hardened over the last couple of decades into a semi-religious crusade in which climate scientists have developed an arrogance about their aims and activity which brooks no argument either with their interpretation of the science or with the way the science is used.”…

Much of the book is devoted to examples and discussion of how ‘the system’ keeps scientific scepticism about forecasts of climatic doom from public view.  As for the rest of us, the attitude of a climate scientist can be coloured by politically correct ideas, by a need to be associated with a ‘cause’, by loyalty to colleagues and by the rise of excessive research competition.  These are all powerful forces which amplify a real fear within the research community that an expression of scepticism about the current wisdom on global warming can be disastrous to one’s career.

(No link to the Connor Court press release.)

Paltridge is a critic not easily dismissed by our leading promoters of apocalyptic warming, such as mammal expert Tim Flannery, singer Peter Garrett, general practitioner Bob Brown, economist Ross Garnaut, ex diplomat Kevin Rudd and former politican Al Gore, none of whom have any of his expertise in climate science:

Dr Paltridge was a Chief Research Scientist with CSIRO and is a Fellow of the Academy of Science.  His is a specialist in atmospheric physics and climatology.  He took part in the establishment of the World Climate Program in the mid-1970’s, and was with the US National Climate Office during 1989 at the time of the emergence of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.  For ten years he was CEO of the Antarctic Cooperative Research Centre studying the role of Antarctica and the Southern Ocean in climate.  He is currently an Emeritus Professor at the University of Tasmania.

But what would he know, right?


1. Shaheer - August 7, 2011

Its funny how you only included “apocalyptic” views from non climate scientists, but none from real scientists. Hmmm.

I also noticed that single-specialty scientists tend to deny Global Warming, while interdisciplinary scientists tend to agree. Especially physicists. Because they understand physics, they think they understand the Earth System.

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