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Explain this, Mr Gore July 14, 2009

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Explain this, Mr Gore

By Andrew Bolt, Herald Sun
July 14, 2009


Will Al Gore be up to the challenge?

THIS is the chart climate change sceptic Senator Steve Fielding hopes will convince Al Gore that global warming is not real.

Senator Fielding is trying to score a one-on-one meeting with Mr Gore, who is in Australia promoting several environmental causes, to prove to him that climate change sceptics are right.

Senator Fielding has promised to clear his schedule for any chance to meet the former US vice-president and Nobel Prize-winning environmental campaigner.

I’m betting that Gore, who already avoids taking questions at his well-paid speeches, will find his schedule too full for Fielding.


Normally the demonstrations over global warming are dominated by people in panda suits or waving the green triangle of the Greens. So I guess Gore was surprised yesterday to instead see this outside the venue for his talk:




1. ken - July 14, 2009

Al Gore does not debate anyone about climate change. He says the science is settled, the debate is over. So he does not debate anyone about it. But he is also known to make terrible gaffs too so he does not debate anyone because he says stupid things. Fielding will not be granted and audience with Al Gore.

Just last week Gore let the cat out of the bag by saying Cap&Trade is the first step to Global Governance. So the truth is out; Cap&trade is the worlds first global tax system and it is promoted by the UN, and the revenue from Cap&Trade will be used to move toward a world governed by the UN. And let me guess, Al Gore will someday be Secretary General.

2. flavianhardcastle - July 15, 2009

The answers to Mr Fielding’s question is that if he cares to look at a comparison of global temperatures over a longer time frame, say 40 years, he’ll see a very strong and very clear correlation with CO2 levels and global temperature. But the graph he hopes to show Al Gore doesn’t show a very long time frame at all, and doesn’t really show global temperature remaining “steady”, as he claims, anyway.

3. Duane - July 15, 2009

Mr Fielding please take note!

A hot day = catastrophic global warming.
Ten years of flatlining in global temperatures when c02 is at record highs = simply weather!

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