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Hysteria is the real threat, not global warming July 9, 2009

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Hysteria is the real threat, not global warming

By Andrew Alexander
The Daily Mail, July 9, 2009

With Tony Blair launching his own plan to save the world (groans), and the G8 leaders also unveiling their thoughts about global warming, this is a big week for environmental fanaticism.

Whatever he or they offer, it will not be enough to quell the warmists’ semi-religious fervour.

They are like medieval preachers, proclaiming to baying crowds that the end of the word is nigh.

Well, is it? There are two separate climate issues – the extent of global warming and the role that humanity plays in it.

Some facts help. The famous 1996 report by the International Panel on Climate Change predicted serious global warming and blamed mankind.

But, since then, the world has disobligingly stopped warming. And two years of global cooling erased nearly 30 years of recorded temperature rises.

What was the worrying rise in temperature – so exciting for those whose computer models used the past to predict a grim future?

Given the margin of error associated with the old-style thermometers which were, until only recently, used to record temperatures, it should be stated thus: over the past 100 years, temperature has risen by 0.7C – plus or minus 1.3 degrees!

The only importance the serious scientists can attach to such a figure is that less serious people think it meaningful.

My own science teacher would have kept me in after school for saying this was a valuable figure.

But, as you will have noticed, it worked. The catastrophists piled in – some of whom had previously flourished warnings about global cooling. For some, any figure will do, especially when it gives them a media profile (and grants for research)

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1. Fred Bailey - July 21, 2009

To all of those out there who believe that global warming is a myth and to all of those out there who believe the IPPC reports, I say:-
Read my book titled:- Textbook of Gravity Sunspots and Cimate.
ISBN: 9 780955 1202-2-0 Author: Frederick Bailey. Published in 2007. Prof. Vincent Gray, who publishes Enviro Truth in New Zealand, described it thus:- Fred Bailey’s book is an eye opener… Brilliantly presented.. beautifully illustrated… with convincing mathematical and logical conclusions. un quote. It is not full of pages of references; it is not hard to follow mathematically; it destroys the various myths that abound about sunspots, temperature variations etc. It is easy and cheap to aquire. E-mail the printers:- books@ahstockwell.co.uk They will send you cost and delivery charges.
It is a completely new work of my own making. Hard back, 93 pages.

2. Howard Bailey - March 10, 2010

Howard Bailey – February 26, 2010
Frederick Bailey – author “Textbook of Gravity, Sunspots and Climate,

You can obtain a copy directly from me, please contact me via my e-mail; fredbailey@sky.com

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