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Breaking: Another moonwalker is a climate realist July 4, 2009

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Breaking: Another moonwalker is a climate realist

Via Tom Nelson, July 3, 2009

Buzz Aldrin [the second person to walk on the moon] calls for manned flight to Mars to overcome global problems – Telegraph

But while trying to spread the word about the possibilities of space, Dr Aldrin said he was sceptical of climate change theories.

“I think the climate has been changing for billions of years,” he said.

If it’s warming now, it may cool off later. I’m not in favour of just taking short-term isolated situations and depleting our resources to keep our climate just the way it is today.

I’m not necessarily of the school that we are causing it all, I think the world is causing it.”

Feb ’09: Former astronaut speaks out on global warming – BostonHerald.com

SANTA FE, N.M. – Former astronaut Harrison Schmitt, who walked on the moon and once served New Mexico in the U.S. Senate, doesn’t believe that humans are causing global warming.

“I don’t think the human effect is significant compared to the natural effect,” said Schmitt, who is among 70 skeptics scheduled to speak next month at the International Conference on Climate Change in New York.

Inconvenient quotes by Al Gore

Former Vice President Gore has claimed that scientists skeptical of climate change are akin to “flat Earth society members” and similar in number to those who “believe the moon landing was actually staged in a movie lot in Arizona.” (LINK) & (LINK)


1. Dave - July 7, 2009

We can only hope that enough people of “standing” will speak out before it’s too late and resources have been depleted to fight this imaginary crisis.

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