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Tim Flannery wants us to save the planet by drinking warm beer? July 2, 2009

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Tim Flannery wants us to save the planet by drinking warm beer?

Via Adelaide Now, July 3, 2009

Higher energy costs necessary, says Professor Flannery

Professor Flannery is pushing for the Federal Government’s delayed Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme legislation to be passed urgently to get Australia on track to tackle climate change.

He is urging households to be more energy efficient to offset the higher bills – tipped to rise by more than 20 per cent when the scheme is introduced in 2011.


“That’s the reality for charging people for their pollution.

“If you want an air-conditioner  . . . someone has to build a huge gas-fired power plant to run three weeks a year and it is a very expensive operation.

“If people are truly worried, say if dad has a beer fridge, unplug that and people will be better off.

Read it all here

Hmm, wouldn’t a cold beer and air-conditioning be beneficial in cooling us down during all that catastrophic global warming?

Save the planet, drink warm beer!

Save the planet, drink warm beer!



1. W. J. McLean - July 3, 2009

Have you noticed how the “Left” constantly used FEAR to push the rest of us into their BIG Red Wagon? Fear of Climate Change falls right in with fear of MEAT (Go Vegan), DISEASE (all the pharma ads in the media), SEXUAL INADEQUACY (Viagra, Cialis, etc.), DEPRESSION, ADHD, FINANCIAL LOSS (Thanks Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, et al). I was taught, fortunately, that emotion is unreliable when it comes time for decisions impacting important aspects of life. This is a key difference between the Human Race and the other sentient creatures on this earth: We were created with the capacity to reason. Essential to the reasoning process is the ability to access ALL data, Pro AND Con, pertinent to the discussion. When it comes to Climate Change, the “Left” does everything it can to prevent that access. This perversion of the debate process, ALONE, should be sufficient to convince any THINKING person of the phoniness of their proposed solutions. FOLLOW THE MONEY, PEOPLE !
Pres. Obama wants everyone to have “SKIN” in the game ? While he enjoys Wagyu Beef ? While the Speaker of the House makes weekly round trips from D.C. to California in a $5,000 + per hour jet ? (Multiply that ad infinitum for the rest of the House and Senate.)
It is not about saving the planet: It is about power and money (yours and mine), and control ! THEY want it and they don’t care who they hurt in the process of getting it !
WAKE UP, PEOPLE ! Turn off the TV Put away the Video Games ! Look at ALL the available information, on both sides of the issue and then SPEAK UP !
The “Elites” and the “Experts” DO NOT KNOW BETTER THAN YOU!
This new administration is “Stuffed to the Gills” with a whole, brand new “Pantheon” of “X SPURTS” that we just “COULD NOT DO WITHOUT” and look what it has gotten us in their first six months

Jesus repeatedly admonished his followers the “Fear Not” ! Please stop paying attention to the Fear Mongers …. Whether they come at you from “Madison Avenue”, “Pennsylvania Avenue”, or “Wall Street”. Unless they have something you actually DO want or need, Tell them to get lost!

2. Manuel - July 6, 2009

This does not surprise me, but still adds to my anger over how they are trying to control us. I am going to continue to keep my car on with the dogs inside it while eating in a restaurant (and it is a gas guzzling SUV), leaving my air conditioner at a comfortable 73 degrees F, and from now on I will place beer in the freezer (for about 30 minutes before it explodes) before drinking it!

They are a disgrace, and we need to fight this tyranny before these “elitists” tax and control our lives in the name of saving the earth…c’mon, please…

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