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Met Office Summer Forecast Drowning Again? June 10, 2009

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Met Office Summer Forecast Drowning Again?

Watts Up With That, June 8, 2009
By Steven Goddard

For the third straight summer, the UK Met Office has forecast hot weather using their state of the art computer models.  Summer 2007 and 2008 were complete washouts, ranking as two of the most miserable, rainy summers on record.

31 August 2007
Summer 2007 – a wet season
This summer looks set to have been the wettest since UK rainfall records began in 1914, Met Office figures revealed today This summer looks set to have been the wettest since UK rainfall records began in 1914, Met Office figures revealed today . .

Wet summer could end with a bang
29 August 2008
Forecasters at the Met Office are predicting that that final day of the summer could end with heavy rain and thunderstorms affecting some parts of the country this weekend … … Within the UK some local rainfall records have been broken, especially across parts of Northern Ireland and Scotland where flooding severely affected road and rail transport. Provisional rainfall figures show that Northern Ireland had its wettest August since 1914

The current summer isn’t looking much better. Here is the forecast from UK Weather Online.

Do you want summer?
Issued: 0900hrs Friday 5th June 2009
Duty forecaster: Simon Keeling & Captain Bob
If you’re requiring rain you’ll be in luck, if you’re wishing for summer, then perhaps don’t hold your breath!

It has now been 1,047 days since London made it to 30C.
I admire the persistence of The Met Office in getting their global warming message across to the public.  Perhaps their new £30 million computers will do better with their actual predictions?


1. Jeremy - June 10, 2009

Sure, forecasting is not a certain science, but the summers of 2007 and 2008 were unusually wet, not cold. Temperatures were lower than the record years of 06 and 03, but still above average:

“Despite the large amounts of rain across many parts of the country, the average UK temperature has been above the long-term average. June 2007 had a mean temperature of 13.7 °C, while the long-term average is 12.6 °C.”

2008 was cooler, but “Mean temperatures for the UK were slightly above average for all 3 summer months.”

2. Magnus A - June 10, 2009

Anyway I hope the summer will be real and warmer with less rain from about May 15. Some meteorologs says it will be better from then. 😉 I’m a climate skeptik anyway, but I’m soo tired of +10 C and rain now! 😉 I think we’ll have a new dalton Minimum, at least. I guess from 2014, after the solar cycle 24 maximum, cold will set in serioulsy — btw according to Theodor Landscheidt.

(We’ll probably not get any very warm years until then… maybe like the temperature in the 1960s och 1970s… Speculation, speculation. but Miskolczi is obviously right on the saturated greenhouse effect!)

3. Magnus A - June 10, 2009

this 10 C is btw in southern Sweden. We had -0.1 C at night a few days ago. It was the coldest since …1864 or something… Rain… Chilly… But it wont last through July and August I hope! 🙂

Anyway, the alarmist are silent! 🙂

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