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Gore’s profits of doom June 8, 2009

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Gore’s profits of doom

Show me the money!!!

Andrew Bolt
Herald Sun, June 08, 2009

So what selfless, non-partisan souls would have arranged for this noble man to come visit us on his gas-free plane:

NOBEL prize-winner and former US vice president Al Gore will be the keynote speaker at a climate policy event in Melbourne next month.

Mr Gore will address a breakfast being held by Safe Climate Australia where key stakeholders will be briefed on the development of a transition plan for Australia to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions. Safe Climate Australia is a non-profit, non-partisan organisation dedicated to planning the transition to a net-zero carbon economy.

Non-profit and non-partisan? Yet when I check who actually runs Safe Climate Australia (click on “About” and then “Foundation Group”) I find instead a very partisan group of urgers, most of whom indeed profit from warming alarmism.

I think we can now drop this pretence that warming alarmists are just simple, pure individuals who save the planet out of nothing but a sense of duty. For a start, may we ask how much green-tycoon Gore is being paid in cash or inducements, and how he squares his travel with his message to emit less?



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