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BBC News: Scientists blame sun for global warming May 30, 2009

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1998: Scientists blame sun for global warming

Article from BBC news, 13 February 1998

image: [ The Sun is more active than it has ever been in the last 300 years ]

The Sun is more active than it has ever been in the last 300 years

Climate changes such as global warming may be due to changes in the sun rather than to the release of greenhouse gases on Earth.

Climatologists and astronomers speaking at the American Association for the Advancement of Science meeting in Philadelphia say the present warming may be unusual – but a mini ice age could soon follow.

The sun provides all the energy that drives our climate, but it is not the constant star it might seem.

Careful studies over the last 20 years show that its overall brightness and energy output increases slightly as sunspot activity rises to the peak of its 11-year cycle.

And individual cycles can be more or less active.

The sun is currently at its most active for 300 years.

That, say scientists in Philadelphia, could be a more significant cause of global warming than the emissions of greenhouse gases that are most often blamed.

The researchers point out that much of the half-a-degree rise in global temperature over the last 120 years occurred before 1940 – earlier than the biggest rise in greenhouse gas emissions.

[ image: Ancient trees reveal most warm spells are caused by the sun]
Ancient trees reveal most warm spells are caused by the sun

Using ancient tree rings, they show that 17 out of 19 warm spells in the last 10,000 years coincided with peaks in solar activity.

They have also studied other sun-like stars and found that they spend significant periods without sunspots at all, so perhaps cool spells should be feared more than global warming.

The scientists do not pretend they can explain everything, nor do they say that attempts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions should be abandoned. But they do feel that understanding of our nearest star must be increased if the climate is to be understood.

13 February 1998




1. YO - September 21, 2009

Es posible que este movimiento anticalentamiento global de moda en las oligarquías políticas americanas, encubra un interés por ralentizar el desarrollo en los países emergentes. Poniendo tasas a las emisiones y trabas a los nuevos combustibles.

2. Ian Somerville - December 16, 2009

Professor Plimer a Geologist from Adelaide.Australia give a 95 slide presentation as to why the earth and the sun have primary influence and control on climate change etc…This is a highly pragmatic yet scientific review of the factors that really influence the earth’s climate.It clearly destroy’s the argument that CO2 is in any way the bad actor driving temperature change.Definitely worth listening to even for the hard live global warming advocate with an open mind.


3. Ian Somerville - December 16, 2009

For a pragmatic and scientific explanation as to how the earth’s climate is influenced and regulated,not by humans,this power point presentation by Geologist Professor Plimer with over 40 years experience is eye opening and completely debunks the arguement that CO2 is the bad actor in the earth’s warming process.
Excellent presentation in 95 ppt slides giving an abundance of bibliography to his proposition.


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