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Media melting May 10, 2009

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Media melting

Andrew Bolt, Herald Sun, May 10, 2009

Another crack, albeit small, in the media ice shelf. This time it’s The Age’s Tony Wright:

Better to be safe than sorry when much of the world’s scientific community says we are sending the planet down the dunny by spewing ridiculous amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. If we can’t do better than to continue burning the Earth’s fossil fuel deposits when alternatives not only exist, but are being improved at a furious pace, we’re not trying.

Still, it’s hard not to be mildly amused when the cracking up of the Wilkins ice bridge in Antarctica earns worldwide front-page screamers, complete with full-colour pictures from space, while the fact that the extent of Antarctic sea ice has increased at a rate of 100,000 square kilometres a decade since the 1970s gets a column on the inside pages. It is as if we WANT to embrace bad news rather than consider that it is not the whole story.



1. Andy Greene - May 11, 2009

Yet some say the oceans are cooling? What to make of this? Might the melting ice be lowering the temperature (but I can’t imagine that this is really possible – it would be like putting an ice cube in your swimming pool).

Andy Greene
Green Living Tips for Rednecks

2. Global Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up, May 15th 2009 « The Daily Bayonet - September 9, 2010

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