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The publishers who rejected Plimer’s bestseller May 6, 2009

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The publishers who rejected Plimer’s bestseller

Andrew Bolt, Herald Sun
Thursday, May 07, 2009

Professor Ian Plimer‘s Heaven and Earth – a book sceptical of global warming theory – has been an instant bestseller, already selling 20,000 copies in just a fortnight.

Some have wondered how it came to be published by a small Melbourne firm, Connor Court Publishing, and critics (such as the ABC’s Fran Kelly) have hinted that it’s to Plimer’s discredit.

In fact, the discredit belongs entirely to the bigger publishers who turned down the book, so sure of their faith in global warming that they were unable or unwilling to see there was a big market of sceptics desperate to hear the other side of a debate that the mainstream media had insisted for years was “over” and “settled”.

Here is a list of the publishers who turned down Plimer’s book, even though he already had a proven record of success, having produced best-sellers such as Telling Lies for God (Random House, around 23,000 copies) and A Short History of Planet Earth (ABC Books, around 16,000 copies), which won him a Eureka Prize:

– ABC Books

– Random House

– Allen and Unwin

– East Street

Here’s the latest book Allen and Unwin chose to publish on global warming instead:

The Clean Industrial Revolution

The race is on to find ways to reduce our impact on the environment. Ben McNeil shows us how we can make the most of our natural advantages and how Australia businesses can benefit economically when adapting to the new environmental realities.


‘A passionate and informative demonstration of how mitigating climate change can be compatible with economic growth’ – Professor Ross Garnaut, the Garnaut Climate Change Review

Heard of it?

Here’s the latest global warming title published by East Street:

Cool Hunting Green

By Dave Evans…

This, the second book in the Cool Hunting series, recognises the hottest designs right now are those that promote a cleaner, greener and more beautiful planet. Designers all over the world are hailing ‘green’ as the new ‘black’ and taking up the call to reduce, reuse and repurpose existing resources in their products to inspire a greener world.

Detecting a pattern already?

Here, now, is how Random House, a ”carbon aware business”, describes its “green policy”:

At Random House Australia we believe that, like all businesses, we need to examine and assess our environmental impact… We encourage our employees to support our local community, treasure our local environment and behave responsibly within society at large.

Here are three pages of titles Random House published recently that come up when you type “climate change” in its search function. Here’s the three pages of Random House titles you get when you search for “global warming”.  Not one, you’ll see, puts the sceptical case.

And here’s the three pages of book and DVD titles that ABC Books offers on climate change – only one of which, a foreign-published DVD, argues (at last!) against the alarmism.

Debate? How lucky you are to have it.


1. Mary - May 27, 2009

Excellent write up.
In a time of tyranny & fascism gripping the UK, US, Europe and Australia, it is hero’s with guts like Plimer who is the voice of the silenced majority, exposing the failure in democracy, freedom of speech and sanity.
Dr Bob Carter is also a hero of sanity too.


2. peter - June 23, 2009

I bought 10 copies and will ensure all the local libraries have it.

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