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Sunspot numbers for April 2009 May 5, 2009

Posted by honestclimate in sunspots.
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Sunspot numbers for April 2009


Month 2008 2009
Jan 3.3 1.5
Feb 2.1 1.4
Mar 9.3 0.7
Apr 2.9 1.2
May 3.2
Jun 3.4
Jul 0.8
Aug 0.5
Sep 1.1
Oct 2.9
Nov 4.1
Dec 0.8


1. _00_ - May 5, 2009

first of what?
because it is a 23 cycle minispot

2. SteveB - May 5, 2009

Just found your site. Always looking for fellow global warming deniers. Just started a blog myself last month. I’m no expert on the subject, unlike many others (sarcasm), but am very interested in the goings-on when it comes to this stuff.



3. Doug nusbaum - May 10, 2009

Have you noticed that the number of sunspots continue to GO DOWN? Even your own data shows that. So your absolute certainty of the absolute known (I absolutely hate that word absolute) PERIODICITY OF sun spots seems to be way wrong.

4. BeetleB - May 13, 2009

There is clear more than one period, being experienced. This low level of activity mirrors the early years of the twentieth century.

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