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Plimer unbloodied and certainly unbowed April 26, 2009

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Plimer unbloodied and certainly unbowed

Andrew Bolt , Herald Sun, April 25, 2009

Warming alarmist Charlie Veron goes toe to toe on ABC Breakfast with Ian Plimer, author of the instant best seller Heaven and Earth, which exposes the global warming hysteria.

Oh dear. Veron scores a knockout with his first effort – on himself. I believe the term is “beclowned”.

Note the typical methods that warming alarmists have misused so successfully for too long – playing the man, resorting to abuse and appealing to authority. Not addressing the facts.


The Australian Science Media Centre, laughably claiming to be a source of “independent” and ”evidence-based” information, rushes out five “experts” to pooh-pooh Plimer’s book. Not one seems embarrassed by the fact that they haven’t actually read a page of what they dismiss.

Check the board of this outfit and you’ll soon see why the ASMC is nothing like it claims to be. Tim ”Alarmist of the Year” Flannery? Robyn ”100 metres” Williams? Mike “no to nuclear” Rann?


To order Professor Ian Plimer’s new book ‘Heaven and Earth’ click here


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