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The climate of disastrous consensus April 18, 2009

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The climate of disastrous consensus

Jamie Walker April 18, 2009

Article from: The Australian

IAN Plimer calls himself an old-fashioned scientist. That means you question what others won’t. You marry yourself to the data; you buck the received wisdom and political correctness of your colleagues.

When it comes to climate change, you say: “I was trained to be sceptical.”

This is not exactly the view de jour when the great and the good, from Kevin Rudd to 2007 Australian of the Year Tim Flannery and former US vice-president Al Gore, are singing from the same hymn sheet about the hydra-headed menace of global warming.

Australia’s top earth scientist has inserted a typically discordant note into the chorus. In his latest book, Heaven and Earth, Plimer sets out the “missing science” of climate change and challenges the assumption that the world’s warming is down to human activity.

Far from heating up to dangerous levels, the planet is in a lull in an ice age that began 37million years ago, he says.

True, the climate is changing within these cyclical parameters, but less dramatically than it has at other times in Earth’s history and with none of the catastrophic consequences talked up by the doom-and-gloom merchants.

“There is always change going on,” he tells Inquirer. “I don’t dispute that. The extent and origin of it are another matter.”

Plimer puts forward the case, in 485 closely argued pages, that far too much emphasis has been given to the level of atmospheric carbondioxide in the scientific modelling of climate change.

Contrary to what the Prime Minister may say in spruiking the carbon pollution reduction scheme, Plimer’s position is that CO2 is not a pollutant but a necessity of life. For a start, it is food for plants. “Global warming and a high CO2 content bring prosperity and lengthen your life … without CO2 there would be no complex life on Earth,” he writes.

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